I have observed many, many prominent pundits, politicians and hacks on Twitter claiming that what Hillary and the DNC did with the creation of the “Pee Pee Dossier” as being no different than what Donald Trump Jr. did when he met with a Russian Lawyer.


Let’s break this down then:

-Donald Trump Jr. was contacted by an attorney that claimed to have information that was damaging to Hillary Clinton.

-DTJ met with the attorney, she provided little information and they never met again.  No money was exchanged.


What Hillary Clinton and the DNC did was:

-Make secret payments to a 3rd party (Fusion GPS) to dig up opposition research on Donald Trump.

-They contacted an ex-spy (Christopher Steele) who gave them outlandish information that’s so absurd, only a fool would believe it.  None of the information was backed up with evidence.

-After the election, the campaign had James Comey continue to pay Christopher Steele out of the FBI’s coffers so that he could continue his “research”.

It’s important to note that this next item has not yet been proved.  However, it is highly likely that once this document was fed into the FBI, it was this very same document that was used to convince a FISA court to spy on the Trump team and subsequently unmask them to the intelligence community.

-This document was then leaked to influential members of the Fake News Media and was used to attack Trump 24/7 and to gin up support for impeachment of the President.


This is the dirty trick of all dirty tricks using all the money (DNC Donations) and power (Comey/FBI) that the Clintons and Obama had access to in order to keep a political outsider from gaining the Presidency.  This is the Establishment exposed.  No lines between the Hillary Campaign, the DNC, the White House and the FBI;  Just all of them working in unison to attack Donald Trump.  President Donald Trump.

So don’t fucking tell me that these are both “just two cases of oppo research”.  The first case is a simple case of following a lead and then walking away when it became readily apparent that it was a dead end.

The other case is called treason.


Next up in our “one of these things is different from the other” series, we’ll be talking about how Benghazi and what happened in Niger are very, very different things despite pundits and politicians trying to convince you otherwise.