ObamaCare’s imploding even without repeal – NY Post

It’s looking like ObamaCare won’t survive even if Congress can’t manage to repeal it.

The nation’s largest health insurer, UnitedHealth Group, said last week that it’s losing too much — $425 million — from policies sold on the health exchanges, and may have to pull out by 2017.

The company admits it’s “a potentially huge blow” to the new system: “If a major publicly traded insurer bows out, others may follow and destabilize the entire individual market.”

Game over for ObamaCare?

UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley seems to imply just that: “We can’t really subsidize a marketplace that doesn’t appear at the moment to be sustaining itself.”

Mind you, UnitedHealth was a huge backer of the 2009 law. One of its top execs, Andrew Slavitt, then joined the administration to run the health exchanges.

What’s going on here? Basically, the long-feared “death spiral”: Not enough young, healthy folks are signing up for these plans, so insurers are losing money despite the hefty federal subsidies for the coverage. They’re raising premiums to even things out — but that drives even more folks away, so that only older, less-healthy customers remain, driving new losses . . .

Looking at the collapse of the ObamaCare “cooperatives” a few weeks back, Betsy McCaughey warned in these pages that the death spiral was under way.

It’s not on the agenda at the moment, but in time, you’ll see the Democrats double down on Obamacare.  The excuse will be a combination of evil Republicans scaring people away from using the exchanges and (most importantly) something along the lines of “we didn’t go far enough”.   “We didn’t go far enough” = It’ll work great if the Federal Government completely takes over the healthcare industry.

The saddest thing is that this could have been fixed without completely disrupting the entire healthcare industry.  Allow all healthcare insurers to sell plans online, across state lines.  Everyone in competition with one another.  However, that only works with aggressive policing by the justice department (at the Federal and State level) to prevent collusion and price fixing.  The latter is literally impossible now with the level of corruption within the Federal government and the willingness of half the population to turn a blind eye to that systemic corruption.

I won’t pretend to know how things will work out as Obamacare collapses.  The Republicans have made it clear that they work for different masters than the people that put them in office, so I suspect that any “fix” will involve lots of involvement from the Feds.  Regardless, it won’t happen while Barry is still in office.  His narcissism will never allow him to consider changes to his baby.

But wait, disregard all of the above.  Our Dear Leader told us this summer that the ACA is working great.


9/11/2001 – There was a large scale drill being conducted by the NORAD and the USAF the morning before the attacks.  Coincidentally, the drill involved testing fighter response to a hijacked airliner.

7/7/2005 – On the morning of Britain’s “9/11”, an anti-terror drill was conducted in London by Scotland Yard, emergency services and a private security company.  The drill used the fictional scenario of multiple bomb attacks on the London Underground.  Coincidentally, shortly thereafter four Islamist extremists detonated three suicide bombs aboard London Underground trains and a fourth on a double decker bus.

12/14/2012 – FEMA and DHS ran a drill early in the morning on this day in Sandy Hook Connecticut.  The drill was named “FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters.  An excerpt from a local newspaper reveals that the drill scenario was that of an active shooter at a school:

 In the years following the infamous school shooting incident at Columbine, Colorado, law enforcement agencies and local school districts in Putnam County and across America developed plans and protocols to safeguard against and respond to similar acts of school violence. Since Columbine, new tactics and training have been devised and implemented for law enforcement officers for responding to situations of active shooters in schools.

Coincidentally, later on that day a young man named Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary and opened fire with an AR-15, killing several student.

4/15/2013 – Two months prior, DHS personnel engaged in a training exercise called “Operation Urban Shield”.  The scenario involved a terrorist group planting explosives in backpacks around Boston.  Marathon runners reported that DHS personnel were running the same training exercise during the morning of the Boston Marathon.  Coincidentally, later that morning a backpack filled with explosives was detonated next to the marathon.

11/13/2015 – An Emergency Services drill took place in Paris, France early in the morning that revolved around mobilizing all elements of emergency services in the event of mass casualties resulting from a terror event.   Coincidentally, later that evening three suicide bombings took place that killed 130 people.  A Parisian emergency medical services specialist who was part of the drill commented in a radio interview “..as luck would have it, in the morning of the Paris MAU, a multi-site attack exercise has been planned so we were prepared.”

Weird, eh?


Obama Won’t Read Intelligence on Groups He Doesn’t Consider to be Terrorists – Sharyl Attkisson

Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” veteran journalist Sharyl Attkisson said her sources have told her that President Barack Obama does not want and will not read intelligence reports on groups “he does not consider terrorists,” despite being on a U.S. list of designated terrorists.

Attkisson said, “I have talked to people who have worked in the Obama administration who firmly believe he has made up his mind. I would say closed his mind, they say, to their intelligence that they’ve tried to bring him about various groups that he does not consider terrorists, even if they are on the U.S. list of designated terrorists. He has his own ideas, and there are those who’ve known him a long time who say this dates back to law school. He does not necessarily—you may think it’s a good trait you may think it’s a bad trait—he does not necessarily listen to the people with whom he disagrees. He seems to dig in. I would suppose because he thinks he’s right. He is facing formidable opposition on this particular point.”

Shockingly, the New York Times grudgingly agrees:

A 2012 report by the United States Defense Intelligence Agency was direct: The growing chaos in Syria’s civil war was giving Islamic militants there and in Iraq the space to spread and flourish. The group, it said, could “declare an Islamic state through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria.”

“This particular report, this was one of those nobody wanted to see,” said Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, who ran the defense agency at the time.

“It was disregarded by the White House,” he said. “It was disregarded by other elements in the intelligence community as a one-off report. Frankly, at the White House, it didn’t meet the narrative.”

To anyone familiar with the history of foreign policy in this country, the thought of this is unthinkable.  I can tell you that this pales in comparison to some of the things I have been told about Barack Obama’s White House “habits”.  But I digress.

The above should not be a surprise to anyone that has recognized that we have a Manchurian Candidate in the Oval Office.  Why waste time reading intelligence reports about your allies?

Leaked NSA doc reveals ‘sheer luck’ needed to find useful info in sea of surveillance data – RT

The NSA didn’t know it was already sitting on a “goldmine” of data on one of its targets until one of its analysts discovered it by “sheer luck,” according to an internal newsletter entry leaked by Edward Snowden.

The article, dated March 23, 2011, was written by a signals development analyst in SIDtoday, an NSA in-house newsletter. He explains how he discovered the contact and personal information for over 10,000 people, as well as some 900 account login details, after “a ton of hard work,” according to reports from The Intercept and teleSUR.

“By sheer luck, (and a ton of hard work) I discovered an important new access to an existing target and am working with TAO to leverage a new mission capability,” the analyst wrote to colleagues. TAO refers to Tailored Access Operations, an NSA hacking team which had collected the 900 usernames and passcodes.

The “existing target” was Petróleos de Venezuela, a Venezuelan state oil company also referred to as PDVSA.

But remember, they have to do this to keep us “safe”.

Will France’s President Invoke Article 5?

Specifically, Article 5 of the 1949 North Atlantic Treaty.  Here are the important elements of the Article:

The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all and consequently they agree that, if such an armed attack occurs, each of them, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defence recognised by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, will assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other Parties, such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area.

If the French President invokes this article, NATO countries (including the United States) will be obligated to start World War 3.  That is not an exaggeration.  Remember that I have been stating on this blog for a year now that World War 3 is where we are heading and that it is the desired outcome for the parties involved.  Barack Obama will jump at the chance to legalize his previously unconstitutional war on ISIS.

Israel already believes we’re in the midst of WW3, we just don’t know it:

When asked if it was an exaggeration to label the carnage in Paris as a manifestation of World War III, the Israeli defense minister replied: “We’re already there for a while now. There are those that bury their heads in the sand and try to define it as a social problem, or try to define it as something else. What we have is Jihadist Islam that is calling to destroy Western culture.”

What we actually have is a bunch of proxy groups (ISIS/ISIL, Al Qaeda) being funded, armed and trained by Western bankers and elites (not to mention the White House) to destabilize the Middle East and to create carnage here in the West.  All in the name of accumulating even more centralized control and power over our country and our lives.

Pay very close attention over the next 48 hours.  The last time Article 5 was invoked, it was shortly after September 11th, 2001.  The events of last Friday was simply France’s version of 9/11 and we will most likely see the same result.  Western governments will grow acquire an even more disproportionate amount of power over their people and the war economy will go from a steady hum to a roar.  Never-ending war, never-ending fear, never-ending sacrifice for everyone but those who start the wars.


Remember Fukushima?

Probably not since the Media and the White House have been happy to pretend that it’s all over now.

Except Strontium 90 doesn’t just go away, especially when the ocean is flooded with it.  This has been an ongoing catastrophe that only the alternative media has covered.

One would think that the migration of radioactive material to our shores would be something our wonderful EPA would be on top of given their aggressiveness in shutting down businesses that Barry doesn’t like.  The EPA’s reaction to Strontium-90 from Fukushima migrating to our shores?

Turn off the rad detectors across the country of course.