Why Didn’t These Murders Make National News Last Week Too? – The Truth About Guns

“Two teenage brothers are in police custody on suspicion that they killed their parents and three siblings, ranging in ages from 5 to 12 years old, in their Oklahoma home Wednesday night, police said.” Wait. Five people murdered? That was the day before the Lafayette theater shooting in which the psychotic murderer only killed two (pardon us if we don’t count his suicide). As reader Scott L. wrote to us . . .

“Why was this not nationwide breaking news last Thursday? Easy…no gun was involved. It was a 5-victim, mass murder knife-crime.”

It’s almost as if knife control isn’t nearly the priority of those in media and government that gun control is.

Gun Rights Advocates Have A Devastating New Argument Against Gun Control. Here It Is. – National Journal

American gun owners are beginning to respond with a fresh, powerful argument when facing anti-gun liberals. Here it is, in its entirety. Ready?

“Screw you.” That’s it. Except the first word isn’t “Screw.”

It’s not exactly a traditional argument, but it’s certainly appropriate here. The fact is that there is no point in arguing with liberal gun-control advocates because their argument is never in good faith. They slander gun owners as murderers. They lie about their ultimate aim, which is to ban and confiscate all privately owned weapons. And they adopt a pose of reasonability, yet their position is not susceptible to change because of evidence, facts or law. None of those matter – they already have their conclusion. This has to do with power – their power.

Just to be clear, it’s Fuck….you.

This is what happens to discourse when you inform the general public that they’re awful for judging all Muslims when one goes crazy with a gun, but it’s just fine to judge all gun owners when a white male commits the same atrocity.

Paws Up Don’t Shoot

The web is ablaze with hatred for a Minnesotan Dentist fuck wit who paid 55 grand to go to Zimbabwe and kill an adult male lion.  A lion who has been tracked by researchers, photographed and loved from afar for a decade.

I understand deer hunting.  I may even go one of these years.  I have friends who deer hunt and they have three noble (in my opinion) goals when they go deer hunting:

-Relax and enjoy nature.

-Kill the animal quickly and humanely.

-Feed their families with the kill.

I understand and respect this.  What I do not understand is the desire to fly halfway around the globe and kill a rare and spectacular predator.  I understand all of the trip except the part where you pull the trigger.  What possesses someone in this day and age to kill such a spectacular animal?  Did I mention that this asshole used a bow to make the kill?  Bow hunters reading this will probably disagree, but there is no way possible to make a humane kill on an animal of that size with an arrow.  (Fuck you, bow hunters if you disagree.  You’re wrong.)

So this amazing creature was killed, slowly and painfully by some prick dentist with a hardon to show his mastery over nature.  Did I mention that any kits that this lion had are almost certainly dead, murdered by another male lion eager to remove a competitor’s genes from the pool.   So fuck you, dentist from Minnesota.  You don’t deserve all of the hell you’re going through, but you’re a prick and you deserve some of it.

That being said….

This entire fiasco is yet another example of how the people of this country have gone full retard.

Let’s contrast the public’s reaction to this asshole dentist with the recent revelation that Planned Parenthood is selling fetuses like chum.  I’m pro choice (about just about everything) but what these people have done and said is flat out evil.  I do not use that word lightly so please make no mistake, evil is a very real thing and it is flourishing on this little mud ball we call home.

The reaction to the atrocities that Planned Parenthood has committed has been mostly a bunch of “ho hum” with tiny pockets of white hot outrage.  But nothing will come of it.  The chatter is already dead and there won’t be protests.  Hell, we can’t even get protests over the NSA listening to and watching everything we say and do.  But people will protest over some fucktard dentist and a lion.

Fuck you, America.

I’m by no means a fan of Bill O’Reilly and to my recollection, I’ve never posted anything of his on here.

But this video hits the nail on the head.

Racial politics is destroying what little is left of this country.  Any imbecile reading this that somehow thinks it’s racist to deport an illegal immigrant with multiple felonies really needs to watch this.

Innocent people are dying, all because Democrats are obsessed with unending power and office and because Republicans have found a master who pays them better than the American people.

Secrecy around TPP trade deal fuels suspicions and worries – Yahoo News

“This is a top priority for the US government… to basically change the intellectual property rules of the countries,” she said.

This is the first time I’ve seen anyone in the media mention the Intellectual Property angle of the TPP, something that I mentioned on here months ago.  This is an enormously important component to the TPP, especially due to 3d Printing and orgone energy devices.

This is not a partisan issue, TPP is bad news bears.

Hillary faces dangerous enemy in the Obama administration – New York Post

The news that two inspectors general from the Obama administration want the Justice Department to investigate her handling of classified material is a potential game changer. For many Democrats, it will serve as final proof she is ­fatally flawed.

Meanwhile, Clinton must play ­defense against her former colleagues in the State Department and intelligence agencies.

Actually, it’s worse. She’s almost certainly up against the White House.

Somebody very high in the food chain leaked the memos requesting the probe. The New York Times, which broke the story, identified its source only as “a senior government official.”

My money is on Valerie Jarrett, the Obamas’ Rasputin, who is known to despise Clinton. If it was Jarrett, she would not do this against the president’s wishes.

That also would be true for any “senior government official” who leaked the memos. Targets don’t get any bigger than Hillary Clinton, so this was not a rogue operation. This was an approved hit.

Clinton despises the Obamas and Jarrett, partly for stealing the nomination in 2008 with thug tactics.  The Obamas and Jarrett despise anyone that isn’t utterly loyal to them.  It’s one of the rare situations where I can empathize with both sides.

Democrats veer left then blast everyone else for being ‘right wing’ – NY Post

Yet as the parade veers left, the Democrats must always race out to be in front of it. This week’s Gallup poll says that a record high 47% of Democratic voters identify as both socially liberal and economically liberal or moderate. That’s up 8 points since the 2008 election of President Obama and 17 points since 2001.

Just as yesterday’s luxuries become today’s necessities, Democrats are continuously redefining what it means to be Democrats.

They celebrate their many gay-marriage victories, with a final, 50-state resolution due soon, perhaps any day now. But that won’t be the end of the issue. As recently as early 2012, even Obama opposed gay marriage. Within 15 minutes after he publicly reversed course, liberals were routinely comparing gay-marriage opponents to racists, and 30 seconds after that liberal judges started forcing evangelical bakeries out of business for declining to participate in gay weddings.

*giggles* I can’t help but chuckle every time Barry O riles someone up into unleashing an angry torrent directed at those awful people that oppose gay marriage…  You know, that thing that he opposed 30 months ago until he didn’t.  (Note:  I fully support gay marriage but I understand why social conservatives are distressed by it).

Anyway, back on topic, I’ve been saying the same thing on this blog for years but it’s nice to see another outlet making the same statement.  Progressives need to recognize that if their ideas are so damn good, they should be able to stand on their own instead of accusing anyone that’s moderate of being a radical, right-wing conservative.