Remember when I said…

…that Trump won the popular vote.  Remember when he tweeted that he won the popular vote?

Study supports Trump: 5.7 million noncitizens may have cast illegal votes – Washington Times

And remember, this is only illegals voting and “old school” forms of voter fraud.  This is not counting the “black box” voter fraud.

As crazy as the Hillbots are, the American citizenry still has some standards.  With the unprecedented ethical and legal baggage Clinton had, it was impossible for her to actually win the popular vote.

RELATED:  I mentioned a while back that in order for Trump to be re-elected in 2020, he must do something to dramatically reduce voter fraud in this country.  Apparently he had the same idea (No, Mr. Sasshole isn’t quite enough of an egomaniac to state that Trump agreed):  Trump election panel asks all 50 states for voter roll data – The Hill


The editorials imply a basic lack of comprehension…

….of 7th grade economics.  So it stands to reason that when the NY Times announced layoffs, the staff  responded as you’d expect.  They staged a walkout.

No, I’m not kidding.  Yes, a walkout like a bunch of high school sophomores walking out of class for the latest social cause.

New York Times staffers walk out to fight proposed layoffs, reporters write letter to management defending copy editors’ jobs – NY Daily News

Dozens of New York Times staffers walked out of the newsroom Thursday in an act of protest over proposed layoffs.

The job action started around 3 p.m. at the newspapers’ Midtown office near the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd St.

NewsGuild president Grant Glickson rallied the newsroom before the job action — flanked by state AFL-CIO president Mario Cilento and other labor leaders.

Carrying signs that said “Copy editors save our buts,” staffers from nearly every floor of The Times’ headquarter hit the exit for the short rally and walkout.


Racking up a few wins…

The good guys have some momentum right now.  The Russian meme destroyed and plenty of bad guys under investigation.   The bad guys will regroup at some point of course but barring an economic collapse, it’s difficult not to feel a bit optimistic right now.

Part of that optimism is the new scrutiny focused on a man I started talking about on this blog over a year ago:  Andrew McCabe.  McCabe is currently the interim Director of the FBI and a criminal who has helped the Clintons evade the law repeatedly.

FBI chief McCabe faces three separate federal inquiries into his behavior – Circa

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, a central player in the Russia election case, is the focus of three separate federal administrative inquiries into allegations about his behavior as a senior bureau executive, according to documents and interviews.

The allegations being reviewed range from sexual discrimination to improper political activity.

The inquiries remain open but so far there have not been any adverse findings against the senior FBI executive, who soared though the ranks the last few years to become deputy director and acting director since James Comey was fired.

FBI officials and McCabe declined comment.

This is the same Andrew McCabe whose wife received a $500k campaign contribution from a close ally of the Clintons while Hillary Clinton was being investigated for mishandling of classified data.  McCabe always gets assigned to Clinton investigations and those investigations always lead nowhere.   Once the investigation closes, McCabe is promoted.

I don’t know if any of the current investigations into McCabe will bear any fruit, but the more this man is in the spotlight, the greater the chance that he’ll be in jail someday.


Nancy Pelosi is the most powerful Democrat in Congress.  As you’ve seen in the very special series we’ve done here at Sasshole on Nancy, she hasn’t had all of her marbles in many, many years.  But that won’t stop the sharp minds of the San Franciscan voters from electing her every two years until the end of time.

Remember, this is an example of what Democrat voters consider to be leadership.  As I’ve said before, we live in a profoundly unserious country which is extremely distressing when you have an understanding of the enormous problems we face.

Project Veritas…

…and American Pravda: CNN Part 2

Project Veritas’ American Pravda: CNN continues today with a video of left-leaning political commentator Van Jones caught on camera plainly stating that “the Russia thing is just a big nothing burger.”


RELATED: Apparently CNN’s Chris Cuomo can’t handle the fact that he and his ilk have been exposed as nothing more than bad liars:

CNN’s Cuomo: This Whole Fake News Thing Needs To End, And It Needs To End Right Now – RCP

Yeah, it definitely does, Chris.  Just not in the way you think.


RELATED PART DEUX:  Vice retracts two articles about Trump citing factual errors and questionable sourcing.


Listen to this twat…

…try to refute Paul’s reasoned, factual talking points with a poll that says “Obamacare is popular”.  Obamacare is ONLY popular because it’s in Trump’s crosshairs so you have millions of idiots who automatically think the ACA must be good if Trump doesn’t like it.

Paul also gives said twat a basic economics lecture which seems to go completely over her head:



One item I should have mentioned on the Project Veritas/CNN sting:


The crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

There has to be a cost for what CNN, other media outlets (looking your way Washington Post), pundits and politicians have done with the Trump/Russia hysteria.  That cost needs to go well beyond lack of viewer/readership.

On its surface…

…The Trump Presidency is the story of an outsider catching lightning in a bottle.  Trump came along at a time where enough of the populace had woken up to establishment corruption that a major base could be build comprised of people with widely ranging political philosophies.  That base was large enough, active enough and informed enough to put him in the White House.

But the story goes deeper.  The term “Deep State” has become part of the American lexicon but what people don’t understand is that the Deep State is not completely populated with monsters.  There are plenty of “white hats” in the Deep State.  Right now the CIA and NSA are very quietly at war with one another.  The Deep State is not a monolith, there are multiple power bases within.  Trump was… perhaps “drafted” is too strong of a word, but what some white hats within the Deep State did is not dissimilar to drafting Donald Trump to run for the Presidency.

Things like this don’t happen quickly.  It took years to bring Trump into the fold and to lay the ground work for him to have a chance at the Presidency and to subsequently try to restore the Republic.  It takes many hands to pull a rope of that size and any time you have a secret shared by many people, that secret doesn’t stay secret for long:

Stephen F. Cohen: Forget “Russiagate,” “Intelgate” Is Real Scandal; Someone In CIA “Running An Operation” Against Trump – RCP

But let’s step back a bit… I think that there has been an intelligence operation run against Trump, surreptitiously, since at least early 2016. I would call it Intelgate. And it is that, not Russiagate, that really rivals Watergate. And it needs to be investigated what these intelligence agencies have been doing, in addition to breaking the law. With this pattern of secret surveillance, and leaking to the press, for months and months. Who are these people, who sat through, I guess, the Obama administration, and have only now departed, who ran our intelligence services. 

Back in those days, I would be invited to join in their seminars… so these people in the agency were good people, intelligent people… Which reminds us that the intelligence services are highly factionalized. There is no The FBI, The CIA. There are rival factions warring with each other, and they have been throughout my lifetime…

I think what we’re seeing in the last year is a powerful element at the top of the FBI and CIA, less so the NSA, waging a surreptitious campaign against Trump and his ‘associates’ and leaking. But I wouldn’t say all these agencies are tainted. This was a leadership problem. Now they’re out, but presumably some of them are still there because the leaks continue. 

They’ve been watching Trump long before 2016.