Not terribly surprising…

Pope Francis Warns Against ‘Invasion’ of Libertarianism – Breitbart

Not terribly surprising since Libertarians are essentially the opposite of authoritarians and doubly not surprising considering Pope Francis is nothing more than another New World Order Marxist, but in theocrat form.


What the fuck is wrong with you people?

It’s fucking embarrassing when I see some of the people that Democrats have voted into our Federal government.  This may be news to some Democrats, but those people you’re voting for are ostensibly our leaders.  Strange concept, I know.  But it’s true.

Maxine Waters, one of the apparent leaders of the Democrat party made her daily appearance on MSNBC today and wasted no time in sounding like an insane person.  This crooked bitch will literally say anything, no matter how insane or untrue.  This woman should be in a goddamn straight-jacket, not Congress.

Maxine Waters illustrating that there’s no filter between her tiny brain and her big mouth.

No short list of deranged Democrat leaders would be complete without Nancy Pelosi.  Here’s Nancy struggling to impersonate a human today.

These two human costume-wearing troglodytes are two of the most high-profile members of the Democrat party.  They are leaders within their party, with Pelosi being the highest ranking Democrat member of the House of Representatives.

And you wonder why our country is a fucking mess?


Americans have little appetite for nuance or complexity.  That’s why one of the key elements of Hillary’s private server scandal was lost in the shuffle.

The FBI handed out immunity deals to Hillary’s people like they were fucking candy.  AND the FBI allowed some of Hillary’s people to be interviewed at the SAME TIME as they were interviewing her.  I’m talking in the same room.  AND despite the fact that the FBI handed out all those immunity deals, they never prosecuted anyone.

This is where the habit of American’s ignoring details becomes critical.  For anyone that has done the research on how the FBI operates or listened to interviews with ex-FBI agents, the FBI never, ever, EVAR does the things listed above.  EVAR. 

You don’t let someone walk unless they’ve proven to you that they have information that can guarantee a prosecution and conviction.  You don’t interview a group of criminals together, where one of them can make up a story and the rest can nod their heads in agreement.  You don’t give someone a pass on a felony because they’ve convinced you that they’re too fucking stupid to realize that it’s a crime.  Especially when the person claiming to be too fucking stupid to know that you don’t use a private, unsecured mail server to house Special Access Program classified data is the goddamn motherfucking SECRETARY OF STATE.

However, the company that hosted the server is now being handed over to the Department of Justice for prosecution.  Now that we have a, you know, Department of Justice that isn’t operating as a criminal organization.

Congress Refers Hillary’s Private Server Company To DOJ For Prosecution – ZeroHedge

For those of you….

… who have seriously researched the death of John F. Kennedy, you know that to say that a piece of the Republic was lost that day, is not hyperbole.  A President of the United States, who despite coming to power under less than ethical and legal circumstances, dedicated himself to the American people and to the excising of the cancerous growth of the Deep State.  His reward was to be shot like a dog in broad daylight.

I would never claim to know the details of the conspiracy that ended with John Kennedy’s death.  What I do know is that the narrative supplied by the Federal Government via the Warren Commission is an easily provable lie, no different from the narrative supplied by the 9/11 commission.

What most people do not know is that years later, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations took a second look at JFK’s assassination and concluded that his death was most likely the result of a conspiracy.

So that’s why it’s very important that President Trump honors the law put in place in 1992 that arranges for the release of some 3600 top secret documents on JFK’s assassination:

Politico: Trump to Decide Soon on JFK Assassination Files Release – NewsMax

Under the 1992 JFK Assassination Records Collection Act, the library of documents about Kennedy’s death must be made public in full by Oct. 26 – unless Trump decides otherwise. “It is his decision alone,” the outlet reported.

Beyond releasing the never-before-seen JFK files, the Archives is reviewing another 35,000 assassination-related documents, previously released in part, so they can be unsealed in full.

I am under no delusions that any smoking gun documents will be released in this collection.   But a new trail of breadcrumbs that further brings this crime into sharper focus will be most welcome.

Hold on to your butts…

Exclusive: Trump says ‘major, major’ conflict with North Korea possible, but seeks diplomacy – Reuters

In the briefing, Trump stated that he’d of course prefer a diplomatic solution, a “major, major crisis” is possible.  He did not spare praise regarding China’s leader Xi:

“I believe he is trying very hard. He certainly doesn’t want to see turmoil and death. He doesn’t want to see it. He is a good man. He is a very good man and I got to know him very well.

“With that being said, he loves China and he loves the people of China. I know he would like to be able to do something, perhaps it’s possible that he can’t,” Trump said.”

Trump is also shrewdly using our defense of South Korea as leverage to re-negotiate trade deals with the country that have been greatly in South Korea’s favor.  Smart man.

That being said, a couple of things to be mindful of here:

-The DPRK is not a threat to the United States.  They can’t reach the United States with their missles.  They are however a serious threat to Japan and South Korea.

-The DPRK’s only stated goal is the re-unification of the peninsula.  No other stated goals than the one.

At some point, could be tomorrow, could be a year from now, North Korea is going to perform another nuclear test that moves them a step closer to long range, multi-stage nuclear missles.  The major development here is that China appears to have finally had its fill of North Korea’s… eccentric leadership.

Look, I despise war.  I especially despise it once I was old enough, open-minded enough and well-read enough to recognize that the vast majority of conflicts our country has been involved in have been for the wrong reasons, to benefit the wrong people.

But the problem of North Korea will not just go away.  It would be exceptionally easy for Trump to ignore this issue.   Denounce the nuclear tests and threats, implement more toothless sanctions that only hurt the people of the DPRK, rinse and repeat.  Just like the last two douchebags in office.  And the Deep State would rather that the United States continue to ignore the issue.  Trump is making the tough decision to finally deal with the problem of a mad man with access to nuclear weapons.  And let’s not forget that this isn’t just about threats and nukes.  North Korea’s leadership has murdered millions of citizens and keeps tens of millions more at the brink of death.

Did you know that the North Korean’s on average are six inches shorter than the South Koreans.  Same genetics, same race, same everything.  But the North Korean’s lead lives that are so nutritionally deficient, they’re half a foot shorter than their westernized neighbors to the south.

But getting back to nukes and threats.  Once North Korea has real, modern weapon systems that can be fitted with nuclear weapons, they can terrorize the countries around them with impunity.  There will be no leverage available to be used against them.  Sure, you can threaten to nuke them back, but a regime that’s perfectly fine with murdering millions of their own people isn’t going to give a shit if someone else does it as long as the members of that regime stay in power.  Especially when they can retaliate against anyone in that scenario.

Will this entire mess cause World War 3?  In a word, no.   A year ago, we tried to put the anti-missile system THAAD into South Korea.  China had a fit and our pussy-ass bitch of a President didn’t deploy the system in response.  We just moved THAD into South Korea and it is projected to become operational within days and not a peep from China.  They seem to understand that the situation is untenable for the United States and the surrounding countries and that Jim Jong-un has gone too far this time.

All you can do is hope that this issue is dealt with in a manner that finally frees the North Korean people in as bloodless a fashion as possible.



Trump Wants to Reduce the Corporate Tax Rate to 15% – WSJ

Not this is some fucking “Hope & Change”.  We would go from one of the highest corporate tax rates in the developed world to one of the lowest.  You want 3% GDP and 3% (real) unemployment?  There you go.

Of course, we’ll hear the common, ignorant refrain from both the ideologues and the bought-and-paid-for on the Left:  “He’s in the pocket of the corporations maaaaaaaaaaaaaan!”

If you have an idiot or idiots in your life that are going to use that refrain, destroy it with the following information.

The reality is that those evil corporations that Liberals talk about, the big international ones that are genuinely evil, are paying roughly 0% in taxes.  These are corporations that are thought of as American but use legal loopholes such as re-importing their own goods to avoid being taxed at all.  As part of the lower baseline corporate tax rate, expect those loopholes to close.

It’s the small and medium size businesses that are paying over a third of their success on the government and when you combine their total tax burdens, half of the wealth these small businesses create goes to the government.  Only the most ignorant, government-worshipping communist could think that’s a scenario that’s beneficial to the citizens.

Imagine what going from 35% to 15% means for a small to medium size business means?  More money for their current employees, more money for new positions, actual money to invest in expansion.  And with the tax loopholes being closed, the tax receipts remain the same.  Of course, those genuinely evil international corporations will not like this change and their many, many puppets in the Democrat party and their almost as many puppets in the Republican party will fight tool and nail against this change.  This will only happen if people are pressuring the hell out of their Congressman.

Barack Obama and the CIA, hand in hand…

…working together to beat the rivals he ordered the CIA to infiltrate in 2012:

CIA espionage orders for the 2012 French presidential election – WikiLeaks

The espionage order for “Non Ruling Political Parties and Candidates Strategic Election Plans” which targeted Francois Holland, Marine Le Pen and other opposition figures requires obtaining opposition parties’ strategies for the election; information on internal party dynamics and rising leaders; efforts to influence and implement political decisions; support from local government officials, government elites or business elites; views of the United States; efforts to reach out to other countries, including Germany, U.K., Libya, Israel, Palestine, Syria & Cote d’Ivoire; as well as information about party and candidate funding.

The CIA espionage orders published today are classified and restricted to U.S. eyes only (“NOFORN”) due to “Friends-on-Friends sensitivities”. The orders state that the collected information is to “support” the activities of the CIA, the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA)’s E.U section, and the U.S. State Department’s Intelligence and Research Branch.


The middle disappears…

It’s the final round in France.  Le Pen, a conservative Nationalist who is not part of the establishment and Macron, a far-Left member of the establishment (although portrayed as an outsider and a moderate by a deceptive press).

Between vote rigging, CIA interference and the callow nature of the French, I suspect Macron will win.  However, I expect Le Pen to win in the next term, five years from now or earlier if Macron is removed.  Of course, that’s if there’s a France left to lead five years from now.  Let’s hope I’m wrong on my prediction.  At the very least, Marine Le Pen’s party, the National Front will gain significant power in these elections.

Notice how the “middle” was invisible in this election.  Moderates, often a symbol of the establishment are being squeezed out.  You have a nationalist conservative and a far-left wingnut.  Sound familiar?

Now, Hillary Clinton is not far-left.  She’s a neocon.  However, Bernie Sanders is a communist and if not for the DNC stealing the nomination, he would have been the Democrat nominee.  Expect this pattern to play out in a number of western countries moving forward.  You’re going to see more elections between nationalist, populist candidates against far-left candidates who at least appear to be outside the establishment.

This in itself is a victory.  It’s a sign of a mass awakening, even if a significant portion of people foolishly gravitate towards a big government candidate who is somehow going to save us from… big government.




Why North Korea is not Syria…

…and for any Liberals reading this, the headline implies an exemption from the obvious geographic difference.

I’m still angry and concerned over President Trump’s incursion into Syria.  There’s growing evidence that the missile attack was perhaps a clever charade to quash the Russian/Trump hysteria, but the misstep still did damage in terms of Trump’s base and their level of support for him.

That’s why it’s very easy to look at our current stand off with North Korea and mutter “Oh Christ, here we go again.”   But North Korea is the one case where I approve of military action.

For those of you who have read this blog for some time, you know that I am completely non-internationalist when it comes to the use of military force.  Anyone who has spent even a limited amount of time researching America’s history knows that almost every war is a banker war.  These wars drain trillions of dollars of wealth from our country, they always do more harm than good and they manipulate the populace into allowing unconstitutional actions by the federal government.

However, a military engagement with North Korea satisfies a number of requirements.  North Korea has repeatedly threatened the use of nuclear weapons on us and our allies.  Kim Jong-in is inbred enough and crazy enough to follow through with these threats.  There are no natural resources of significant value that could undermine our righteousness in a military engagement with the DPRK.  Finally, the government of North Korea is a despotic regime that has murdered millions either directly or indirectly by poverty and starvation.  The regime is literally the textbook definition of an evil empire.

Perhaps equally important, North Korea is a problem that the globalists have ordered our politicians to ignore for years until it could build up and fester into a world crisis, a ready-made catastrophe to manipulate the populace with.

So yes, I’m vehemently against military action of any kind.  Except against the DPRK.