The Russian derangement continues…

…because the people that know better have discovered what a powerful weapon it is.

Let’s start with some sanity:

House Intel Chair Nunes: ‘No Evidence’ of Contact Between Trump Campaign, Russia – Breitbart

As the House Intel Committee Chair, Nunes has access to highly classified material.  Critical-thinking skills time: If the intel agencies had information to the contrary, would he make this statement at the risk of looking like a fool?

But this kind of information means nothing compared to the bleating of treasonous politicians aimed at soft-headed constituents:

Issa’s fellow globalist dog, George W. Bush even got in on the action:

George W. Bush demands answers on Trump and Russia – ABC News

Unsurprisingly, the meme in Liberal La La land has now become “I disagreed with George W. Bush when he was President, but he’s a good man.”  Contrast this with Bush’s Presidency when all we heard was that Bush was a murderer and the living embodiment of Adolf Hitler.  Bush was and is an evil man, but this is just another example of the absurd partisanship on display by Liberals;  Absurd partisanship that has led to the American Left having some extremely humorous bedfellows in people like George W and John McCain.

So let’s get back to a little bit of sanity:


Tracey who is by no means a fan of Trump wrote a follow-up article to his tweet:

Recent Town Hall Meetings Show Why Fomenting Russia Hysteria Is So Harmful – Medium

Can the Left in this country rehabilitate itself and regain just a tiny shred of intellectualism?


Elements of the Left seem to be waking up..

NYC Police Union Head Blasts De Blasio For Opposing Trump Immigration Rules – The Daily Caller

The president of the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) sergeants union criticized Mayor Bill de Blasio for refusing to enforce President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.
“The Mayor is taking his own position on it, and it seems the police department, and Commissioner O’Neil, and I could be wrong on this, is compliant with the concept that it’s OK to not participate with ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement],” Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, said Sunday.
The association, which represents 11,000 current and retired NYPD police sergeants, says officers want to carry out the president’s orders.
De Blasio vowed to fight the president’s executive order that blocked federal funding to sanctuary cities, saying in January the executive order “does not change who we are or how we go about doing our work.”
An illegal immigrant gang member was granted freedom under the mayor’s sanctuary city policy, and in defiance of federal lawFeb. 16. ICE officers requested that the gang member be turned over to them after his sentence in New York, but they were not notified after his release, according to the New York Post.
“It’s almost like the world is upside-down right now,” Mullins told John Catsimatidis on “The Cat’s Roundtable,” a New York City radio talk show. “I think people have forgotten what has occurred in this country, with the attacks on 9/11, with the everyday terrorism.”
No, Mr. Mullins, about 40% of it is upside down and that 40% has a far louder voice because of the Fake News Media’s  commitment to destroying this country on the behest of their masters and the enthusiasm in which  that 40% is mindlessly following the FNM’s lead.  But we are righting the world and the 40% that’s caught up in delusion can either wake up, or be swept aside.

Tommy Boy..

…not the one you’re thinking of.  This is a different Tommy Boy that’s equally hilarious but for completely different reasons.  Just another wall street, globalist shill to replace Debbie Wasserman Shultz.  The only thing that Tommy P has going for him is that he’s easier on the eyes than Debbie was and that’s coming from a straight male.   I swear to God, every time I’d see a photo or video of Debbie, my penis would try to climb up into my body cavity to hide.

But enough news about my anthropomorphic genitals, let’s listen to a progressive who is very disappointed by Perez winning the DNC Chair:

And, a “progressive revolt”?

Not a surprise to anyone actually paying attention…

…to actions rather than the apoplectic ravings of the Fake News Media.

Despite the Hysteria, Trump Is Trending Less Authoritarian Than Obama – National Review

Lost in most of the coverage of President Trump’s decision to rescind the Obama administration’s transgender mandates is a fundamental legal reality — the Trump administration just relinquished federal authority over gender-identity policy in the nation’s federally funded schools and colleges.
In other words, Trump was less authoritarian than Obama. And that’s not the only case. Consider the following examples where his administration, through policy or personnel, appears to be signaling that the executive branch intends to become less intrusive in American life and more accountable to internal and external critique.
Read the whole thing.  This ridiculous perception that Trump is some kind of dictator has been driven by three things:
-The aforementioned ravings of the Fake News Media
-The fundamental lack of understanding on the part of the American Left in regards to how Federal power and the Constitution works
-The American Left’s abject lack of intellectual arguments and the “Everyone that disagrees with me is Hitler” phenomenon.


Trump Says He Will Not Attend White House Correspondent’s Dinner – InfoWars

I had a feeling this was coming.  I strongly suspect Trump views the Correspondent’s Dinner the same way I do: A decadent, disgusting display that attempts to make light of the numerous failures, power grabs and oft-treasonous actions by Presidents and Congressmen.  Let’s hope this is the beginning of a very quick  and long-overdue death of this “tradition”.

Very disconcerting…

North Korea Condemns Lone Ally China Publicly for ‘First Time’ – NBC News

North Korea is not a country with a lot of allies.
So when its state-run news agency appeared to lash out at key supporter China — alleging it was “dancing to the tune of the U.S.” — it raised eyebrows.
The ties between Pyongyang and Beijing run deep, with the relationship characterized by some former Chinese leaders as “close as lips and teeth.”
“China is North Korea’s most important ally, biggest trading partner, and main source of food, arms, and energy,” according to a backgrounder published last year by the Council on Foreign Relations. It added that “China provides North Korea with most of its food and energy supplies and accounts for more than 70 percent of North Korea’s total trade volume.”
However, China disapproves of North Korea’s nuclear program and has backed U.N. sanctions against it.
The North Korean regime appears to be disintegrating.   The brother of their fat little tyrant, Kim Jong-Un was recently assassinated and the Trump Admin abruptly cut off back-channel talks with North Korea.  It’s difficult to draw any conclusions about the back channel talks and it’s entirely possible that the story is completely untrue given the source (NY Times).  But North Korea’s public tongue lashing of China can only be interpreted as extremely bad news.  Millions of people in that country are starving every day and while the fall of Kim Jong-Un’s corrupt regime can only be a positive in the long run, a power struggle could result in the deaths of millions in the short term.  Let’s hope that the Trump Administration can be the first administration to make progress with the North Koreans.

A comedy of errors (and corruption).

The DNC elected Tom Perez to chairman of their organization today.  Perez quickly hired Keith Ellison to the deputy chairman position.

For those of you familiar with the backgrounds of these two men, I swear I’m not making a joke with this article.  The DNC actually put these two men in charge.  If this post was a joke, I would have started it off with:

So an establishment stooge and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood walk into a bar…

(Before we get too far, let’s not forget that the DNC started out the festivities by giving the middle finger to their tiny handful of principled followers: DNC votes to roll back Obama ban against corporate lobby donations)

It’s late on a Saturday night so I’m not going to post half a dozen links now, but if you want to see Ellison’s links to the Muslim Brotherhood, just google “Keith Ellison ties to Muslim Brotherhood”.  He can’t seem to stay away from their events (no, not those events) and has no problem taking their money for his campaigns.  Ellison is anti-Semitic, even Democrats have accused him of being so:

Prominent Democratic donor, Haim Saban: “..he is clearly an anti-Semite and anti-Israel individual.”


Perez’ resume:

He once refused to affirm that the Obama Justice Department (where he worked) wouldn’t criminalize criticism of Islam.

During the Presidential Campaign, he advised Hillary Clinton to cast Sanders as a “candidate of whites” to turn off minorities.

Once again, any semblance of a Democracy is subverted.  The Clinton and Obama camps made sure Ellison didn’t win.


Perhaps the saddest thing is the true believers in the Democrat party out there have no clue that most of the voting members are consultants and lobbyists that benefit from the status quo continuing.

The Democrats are doing exactly what I predicted and exactly what I warned against: Moving even further to the left, moving the party closer to their lunatic base.

Perhaps President Trump (typing “President Trump” never gets old) said it best:


More on the scared Chinese man…

…that I mentioned in a previous post.

Man In Hiding After Confessing To Illegal Fundraising For The Clintons: “Fears Untimely Death” – ZeroHedge

The pattern continues…
Those who are connected to the crimes and misdemeanors of the Clinton cartel live in hiding for fear of their lives.
Of course there was funneling of money going on. The Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0 hacks went along way in documenting the quid pro quo nature of Clinton diplomacy.
Back in the 90s, it was selling nuclear secrets to China, and schmoozing with high powered Chinese individuals, caught up in real estate deals, fundraising schemes and the like.
So it is little surprising, though certainly alarming, that this story has surfaced of a Chinese-American businessman who is living in hiding and who felt compelled to make an ‘insurance policy’ video detailing his involvement in the Clinton admin’s “Chinagate” which involved laundered funds from high powered Chinese businessmen.
The Clintons must pay for their crimes.