In a surprise to absoutely no one…

…who has actually paid attention to Trump’s words and actions, Trump will continue to enforce the LGBTQ order of the previous President:


This after he issues the most pro-gay rights and safety executive order, ever, with his immigration pause order.

WikiLeaks releases 143k documents and Tulsi Gabbert speaks the truth about ISIS.

…detailing the both sad and sick legacies of George W. Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama in the Middle East.  Destabilization, chaos, violence and death.  WikiLeaks Refugee Archive

On a related note, I would be remiss if I did not mention Tulsi Gabbert, one of the only Democrat politicians at the Federal level with honor and decency.  I do not agree with her on many items, but I respect her.  No doubt the Establishment will move to destroy her before she can build up momentum for a Presidential bid in 2020, especially after she spoke the truth recently:

“It was Obama & Clinton who armed ISIS”

“The reality is Jake… There are no moderate rebels.”


Don’t let the door hit you on your treasonous ass on the way out..

It’s amazing how pliable the American Left is.  Ten years ago it was simply accepted common sense that a sovereign nation has to have borders.  It was common sense that citizens take priority over non-citizens and it was common sense that you try to avoid letting people into your country that mean to do it harm.

I’m starting to wonder if there’s any direction the Democrat politicians and Fake News Media can’t successfully take their constituents in.

For starters, everyone should read the full text of President Trump’s immigration EO here.  You should read it especially if you’re critical of it because some talking head told you that you should be critical of it.

So, the interim Attorney General, an Obama appointee attempted to sabotage this EO by instructing the Justice Department lawyers not to make legal arguments defending it.  She actually questioned whether it was lawful.  As if this country has to allow anyone who wants to come here to walk right in.  Funny, I don’t remember this behavior at all when Barry banned Iraqi immigrants for six months.  I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Anyway, President Trump responded by trying to convince her that there is nothing inappropriate or racist or xenophobic about an immigration pause from countries that have been exporting terrorists.

Just kidding.  He fired the bitch.

This is all for show on the part of Ex-interim AG Sally Yates.  She was told that she would have a job waiting and this move is simply to further rile up the ignorant imbeciles that are currently losing their minds over President Trump.


This couldn’t have been negotiated by our last President?

…of course not, because destabilization was the plan.

Saudi King agrees in call with Trump to support Syria, Yemen safe zones – Reuters

Summary of the call:


If the goal is actually helping people, like genuinely making the refugees lives’ better and not leftist virtue signaling, this is how to do it.

Stefan Molyneux has crunched the numbers based on data from the Federal Government:


And now Saudi Arabia is going to finally do their part for the refugees that both they and Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton created.

The Fake News Media of course refuses to accept this for what it is,  the mindslaves eagerly agree and Donald Trump is forced to explain what was done as if he was talking to a group 10 year olds:


And don’t look now, but if you have been keeping up with world news and understand the chaos that Europe is now weathering, Donald Trump just saved Europe.  That is not hyperbole.

Long past getting out of hand..

Folks on the Left: this is going to be a long 8 years if you’re going to hypocritically go apeshit every time Trump does anything.

This time it’s about his 90 day immigration pause for countries on Barack Obama’s  “Terrorist travel and prevention act” in 2015.

In 2011, Barack Obama banned all Iraqi refugees for 6 months.  I’m struggling to remember any protests.

You all need to grow the fuck up.  You’re being manipulated into apoplexy.  Your ignorance of historical fact, your virtue signaling and desire for self-righteousness is allowing some very bad people stir up a civil war.

Let’s take Yemen as an example.  It’s one of the countries on Trump’s list of seven countries with a visa ban.  You people are losing your fucking minds and yet I don’t recall any of you saying anything or marching on anything when Barack Obama was bombing the shit out of Yemen to aid Saudi Arabia in their fucking barbaric war.  Remember that one?  That war where Saudi Arabia with Barry’s help pushed Yemen to the brink of famine?  No, you probably don’t remember that because your a bunch of dumb, ignorant fucks.

How about another country on that list of seven.  How about Syria?  Remember how Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton assisted in tearing that country in fucking half by sending every spare armament we had in the drawer to those helpful “rebels” topple that mean old Assad?  Remember how those “rebels” turned out to be ISIS?  Remember how their actions created this refugee crisis in the first place?  No, you probably don’t remember that because you’re a bunch of dumb, ignorant fucks.

Remember how Obama deported 2.5 million Mexicans and how not that long ago Hillary voted for building a 700 mile security wall between the U.S. and Mexico but now you’re enraged that Trump is actually building a wall?  No, you probably don’t remember because you’re a bunch of dumb, ignorant fucks.

Do you see the pattern?

Somehow Obama is a saint in your eyes because he fucking caused chaos everywhere,  but Trump is a “fascist” because he showed up and said “Oh, shit.  There’s chaos everywhere.”

If you support Barack Obama but you’re having a meltdown over Trump’s executive order, then fuck you and fuck off.  You’ve forfeited the right to be taken seriously on anything.  Your opinion doesn’t matter and it doesn’t fucking count.  So either get smart or go kill yourself for all I or anyone else with a functioning brain, care.  You’re not only a fucking moron, you’re fucking worthless.

Trump just did more to clean up Washington D.C. Corruption…

….and the circumvention of the Democratic Republic than the past four Presidents combined.

Trump signs off on 5-year lobbying ban, two national security actions – Washington Examiner

The vast majority of the citizenry do not understand the vicious cycle in Washington that recycles elected officials into lobbying positions.  Now, most citizens will associate negative connotations with the word “lobbyist” and rightly so.  At best, lobbyists give certain groups extra access and influence to politicians simply because they have the financial means to do so.  At worst, they funnel vast quantities of money and/or gifts to politicians in exchange for political action.  I said “worst” but there actually is a worst-er.

The “worst-er” is when elected or appointed officials go to work for other countries as a lobbyist.  These people have the relationships and know-how to move their agenda through D.C.  Even when it’s on behalf of a country who is utterly hostile to our country, despite the State Department not labeling it as so.  Countries like Saudi Arabia  I’m looking at you, David Petreus.  And it gets even worst-er-er.

In many situations, usually with an elected official, they will finish out their term by performing a controversial action that benefits a large company or country.  Upon either losing their re-election bid or retiring, they promptly go to work for that same entity.  It’s a case of obvious quid-pro-quo that is almost never prosecuted.  That’s why it’s important that not only does this 5 year ban put an enormous dent in this practice, it also eliminates many of the loopholes that politicians and appointed officials were using to get around the existing soft two-year ban.

This is an enormously beneficial move for the American people and one that should not in any way be partisan.  That’s probably why it’s not being discussed very much.  Can’t have the drones thinking that Trump is anything but the devil.


The Fake News Media Cycle

  1. A tweet gets posted by a “journalist” with a misleading headline and a link.
  2. Other “journalists” at FNM outlets click and see that the headline paints Trump in a negative light
  3. Rush the story to their twitter, fake news website or fake news network show
  4. The story goes viral
  5. 24-48 hours go by
  6. Story is revealed to be utter tripe.
  7. No retractions, apologies or corrections.

Yesterday’s big story was that Trump had placed a gag order on Federal agency twitter/media accounts.  That horrible tyrant of a man, robbing federal workers of their free speech rights.  Liberals everywhere jumped all over it.  Federal employees created new, anonymous twitter accountsNobody stopped for even a second to think what would happen if they started tweeting on their employer’s official Twitter account without permission.

And then unsurprisingly, the story turned out to be utter nonsense.

From the Fake News New York Times story on the “gag order”:

“I’ve lived through many transitions, and I don’t think this is a story,” said a senior E.P.A. career official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the news media on the matter. “I don’t think it’s fair to call it a gag order. This is standard practice. And the move with regard to the grants, when a new administration comes in, you run things by them before you update the website.”

More Fake News corrections..

FAKE NEWS: Media Report State Department Employees Quit En Masse. They Were Fired. – Daily Wire

On Thursday, media outlets across the international spectrum ran with the story that top level State Department officials had quit rather than serve under President Trump. “In the latest display of disquiet among civil servants in Washington over the arrival of the new commander-in-chief, the four top senior officials at the equivalent of America’s foreign ministry, announced that they were standing down,” reported The Independent (UK). “People are quitting the State Department because of Trump,” Business Insider headlined.
Only one problem: these guys didn’t quit. They were fired.