Ugly Q3 GDP Confirms Personal Consumption Collapsing – ZeroHedge

Golly, it’s almost like the Obama Admin tried to fake the numbers upward for the election.  Folks, we’re headed for a bad crash.  All we need to do is balance the budget and the economy will start to heal.  The problem is, we have a President that hasn’t spoken a single word about spending cuts and entitlement reform.  Instead, he talks incessantly about raising taxes even higher for those households earning over 250k a year.

Unfortunately, he’s winning the PR battle.  This administration has been successful at firmly entrenching the politics of class warfare.  He has convinced millions of people that the wealthy are our enemy and that they’re not paying their fair share.  Envy, among the ugliest traits in human beings, is now firmly rooted in the psyche of Liberals.

But for those of us who are fluent in math at a 3rd grade level or higher, our President’s words ring hollow.  If we taxed the evil top 1% in this country for a year at a 100% tax rate (For you Lefties, that means we’re going to take every penny they make.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if this were true???), we would put a dent in the deficit that closely resembled a rounding error.   In order for the country to become solvent, we must grow the economy.  There’s no other way.

In addition to the aforementioned pointless exercising in taxing the hell out of the rich even further, it’s economic suicide.  I’m convinced that far too few Liberals have any experience in working in the private sector.   People making 250k a year and higher are the investment class.  These are the people that start new businesses or invest money in expanding their existing businesses.  This is how jobs are created.  This is why year after year, despite taxes becoming more “progressive”, our middle class gets smaller and smaller.

I apologize for the snotty tone to those of you on the Left.. But Jesus Fucking Christ, open a fucking history book.  Read a book on economics by someone other than that imbecile, Paul Krugman.   History shows us literally hundreds examples of what works and what doesn’t work for an economy.  Obama isn’t going to do anything “new” by trying Keynesian ideas.  They’re recycled Leftist ideas that were tried in the late 70’s to our own detriment.  There’s nothing new under the sun, folks.

You don’t realize just how bad things might get in the coming year.  When it happens, it’s going to happen fast and the “Leader of the Free World” is doing nothing to prevent it.

Is Susan Rice toast? – Washington Post

Even Mother Jones is piling on against Rice.  The apocalypse must be near.   This won’t disturb the Obama Administration, however.   Rice was always just the coffin that contained the Benghazi scandal for burial.

Washington Post Goes Full Bigot – PJ Media

“The Post editorial board, you see, is a thing of rare beauty and diversity.

Harvard-educated Fred Hiatt has been with the paper since 1981, as has Harvard-educated Lee Hockstader, Harvard-educated Stephen Stromberg, Harvard-educated Charles Lane, and Harvard-educated Opinions editor Marisa Bellack.

Yale-educated Jackson Diehl and Ruth Marcus are the Ivy League “outsiders.” Jo-Ann Armao, another white liberal, comes from the University of Buffalo, along with progressive cartoonist Tom Toles. Jonathan Capehart, the sole African-American on the board, shares the same diversity of thought as his colleagues. His difference from his peers is literally skin-deep, his individual editorials interchangeable with those of his peers in terms of view and substance.

There are no westerners, southerners, or Midwesterners on the Post editorial board, nor are there any libertarians, Republicans, or conservatives.”


I was promised that if this blog attracted too much attention, I would at least get the courtesy of a clear “Stop.  Now.” message before any harm came to me.  After having my bank accounts closed (twice) and the site hacked several times, I finally received it.

The ironic thing is that I had been planning on quitting.

So moving forward, I’m going to be posting again.  However, this site will become more of a link aggregator than the previous string of inside reports.  This is difficult for me as I’m more plugged in now than I was prior to the election but it’s necessary in order to keep my family safe.  This is now the America that we live in.

I will still make it a point of trying to carefully share some of that info.   Posting will start ramping up this week.

The last one forever and ever.

I want to start with a clarification.  When I first mentioned the oddity that is Romney somehow getting fewer votes than McCain, it was never intended to be proof.

Nor was the oddity of every single swing state breaking for Obama.

Both were nudges to get you thinking in the right direction.

As is this:

This article is particularly important as it also brings up the 2004 election.  The mention of that election in this article was… I don’t know how to articulate it.  Imagine having some crucial knowledge and then seeing another author bump into it on his own.. I want to say shocking but it’s not the right word to describe how I felt when I ran into that article last night.  You’ll understand why in a moment.

This is my last post about politics on this blog.  I’ve been advised to stop by two of my sources.  At one point, I had every single financial account of mine shut down.  I can handle stuff like that because I felt this message was so important.  I’ve been told I can’t handle the stuff in store for me if I keep writing what I’m writing.  So I’ll stop.  In a minute.

The Meat:

I was aware that the 2008 election was stolen via electronic voting.  I had been informed of this quite some time ago, shown physical evidence and I shared that information with all of you.

I knew from the evidence and information that I had been given previously that any Obama win in 2012 would not be obtained legally.

When Pennsylvania went in Obama’s favor, I knew something had gone very wrong.  I didn’t realize how wrong.

I was advised today that a faction of the GOP was complicit in election fraud.  I should have seen this coming since I had been privy to a couple of run ins (Not posted about here) between Romney’s inner circle and the leader of this particular faction.

This man/faction also assisted with the stealing of the 2008 election.

I’m sorry for this next part.  If I hadn’t been shown evidence and had this corroborated with two different sources, I wouldn’t even consider posting it.  This man/faction assisted with stealing the 2004 election.  John Kerry won the vote in 2004.  John McCain won the vote in 2008.  Mitt Romney won the vote in 2012. 

I’m not going to put this person’s name in print.  But none of you should have a difficult time figuring it out.  It’s someone who Democrats have held a pathological hatred for many years.   As another hint, I would not be going out on a limb by speculating that Jeb Bush will be the Republican nominee for president in 2016.  That way, “his guy” will be sitting in the White House again, just like “his guy” is now and just like “his guy” was before.

I don’t have much to offer in terms of constructive, positive messages.  Push for a return to paper ballots and prohibit computerized voting as well as early voting.  Take care of your families, keep informed and keep your head low.

I was advised that there are members of the military that are trying to both get classified information released and get people to break security oaths and come forward to testify.

I won’t hold my breath and neither should you.

Thank you everyone for reading,  we hit 6500 unique visitors on election day.   Stay strong and always keep both eyes open despite most of the country having only one open.


This blog is now returning to its previous state as a narcissistic little diary.



A trickle..

You’re going to see a steady stream of articles like this in the independent news.  Incredibly high, unexpected turnout in large, highly Democratic counties in swing states.

A spoke with a local gentlemen who ran for office a couple of years ago today.  He does not know about my blog nor does he know about my contacts.  “This whole thing is just so odd.  The numbers just don’t make sense based on exit polling, voter enthusiasm polls and the internals of the Romney campaign.  I just don’t get it.”

I had half a dozen conversations today with friends and family members whose intuition tells them something is not right.  They’re not angry or devastated..  They’re confused.

I didn’t tell them what I know and I don’t know if I will.  What I will do is provide some public information to corroborate my earlier statements.  As one of the commenters stated “I don’t think low voter turn out is proof”.  No, it’s not proof nor was it meant to be.  But it’s the most obvious indicator that appeals to the common sense of people reading this blog.  Does your common sense tell you that Romney getting fewer votes than McCain seem plausible?  Does it seem plausible that Obama somehow took every single important swing state?  Every single one.

As I said previously, we will see a steady trickle of articles in the independent media showing large scale voter irregularities in swing states.


Tomorrow, I’ll keep my lunch appointment, then I’ll tell you what I know.  I apologize in advance for tomorrow’s post.




There’s very little analysis to be performed..

This post is for everyone, but I especially want the people who voted for Obama to pay attention.

Take off your partisan glasses.   I want you to genuinely attempt to pretend that you’re completely apolitical, if just for a moment.

Four years ago, Obama ran the campaign of a lifetime.  Conversely, John McCain ran an exceptionally bad campaign.  Many, many Libertarians and Republicans voted Democrat for the first time.  In the end, John McCain received 58,343,671 votes.

Yesterday, despite running an extremely competent campaign with a fairly centrist message, the extreme disappointment with Obama’s policies on the Right and most importantly the Middle, Romney was still only able to garner 56,959,312.

I don’t know if people that voted for Romney are going to notice this in a few days, or a month or a few months.  But when they do, something very ugly could catch fire.

Keep your heads up.

For those of you that will want to hear what happened, I’m going to try to arrange a face to face with a source.  The beginning of the end was Philly.  The internals for both candidates had Romney far ahead and as soon as that state went blue, I knew the firewall that had been put in place was burnt down.

There’s no sense in pretending there are positives here.  The result is deeply disturbing on a number of levels that I can’t elaborate on at this point in time.

This is the first election in my lifetime that I truly cared about.  But there are some positives that I’ll write about tomorrow.

Keep your heads up, stay strong and stay civil even in the face of incivility.

No matter who wins..

and no matter how much the Democrats cry racism, we must have election reform soon.

The Kremlin released a report this week on today’s Presidential election:

Some lowlights:

-The U.S. presidential election will be neither free nor fair, and President Barack Obama will win a second term in office thanks to an election campaign marred by violations.

-The current U.S. vote, it concludes, falls dramatically short of international election principles. “Apart from the periodicity of elections, not a single of these principles is being fully observed in the United States during these presidential elections,” says Aleksandr Ignatov, the executive director of the Russian Public Institute of Electoral Law, one of the groups behind the report.

If anyone knows election fraud, it’s the current leadership in Russia.