Suppressing the urge to vomit..

I began to break down the breathtaking lies in Hillary’s speech from yesterday.  She’s following the same script that her former boss has become so adept at creating during his almost eight years in office:  Accuse the other guy of what you are actually doing and your idiot followers will eat it up.

Thankfully, WND wrote a piece that broke down yesterday’s speech and prevented my morning coffee from making a return trip up my throat.

The crazy, conspiratorial, paranoid world of Hillary Clinton

My favorite part is where she accuses Trump of being a “birther”.  Remember who the very first person was to make a big stink out of Barack Obama’s birth certificate?  Yep, Hillary Clinton, the original birther.

The pattern continued through the amazing speech: “And let’s not forget Trump first gained political prominence leading the charge for the so-called ‘birthers,’” she said. Oh really? It wasn’t a Democrat apparatchik of Hillary’s who played the so-called “birther” card against Obama in 2008 Democrat primary? Of course it was. She just didn’t want to get her hands dirty by making a constitutional case on eligibility.

But Hillary’s lies got more vicious.

“He promoted the racist lie that President Obama isn’t really an American citizen – part of a sustained effort to delegitimize America’s first black president,” she claimed.

Trump never said that. I don’t know anyone who claimed he was not an American citizen. The question raised was legitimate: Was Obama – and is Obama – constitutionally eligible for the presidency as a “natural-born citizen”? A whole different criteria. And, again, Trump didn’t start the controversy – Hillary did, in her desperate bid for power.

Read the whole thing.


The vast, right-wing conspiracy…

Is now a vast, Alt-Right Wing conspiracy.

Of the major alternative news sites, I count three of them that have truly understood the score.

And that score is that we have on one side a felonious woman who views public office as nothing more than a means to enrich herself both financially and politically.  A woman who has been bought and paid for by the Bankers, the Saudis and the Chi-Coms a thousand times over and will gladly execute the final steps in handing over this country to those parties.

On the other side we have a man who is running as a Republican but really isn’t;  An imperfect candidate with one enormous difference from previous Presidential candidates:  Nobody owns him.  He is not Mitt Romney, he is not John McCain, he is the anti-George W. Bush.  He does not exist to destroy the country on behalf of evil men, but rather has genuine love for this country and wants to pull it back from the precipice it is dangling over.

And this is why the attacks have been more toxic, more slanderous, more vile than any Presidential election in our lifetimes.  The country is almost theirs and the one type of man that can stop it managed to get the nomination despite both political parties doing everything in their power to stop him.  But back to the news sites…

Alex Jones / Infowars


Daily Caller

There was a time where Alex Jones was too much for me.  He and his reporters occasionally engaged in yellow journalism.  His boisterous, oft-abrasive tone was too much for me.  But Alex has done superb work during the Obama Administration.  He is not a Republican and skewers them with every bit as much zeal as he does Democrats.  He realized early on that Trump was a unicorn, a real human being during a time where we were desperate for a man whose loyalties belonged to the United States.

As the campaign season has dragged on, all three entities have benefitted from dramatically increased traffic and viewers.  A large part of the electorate has embraced leaving their political parties, becoming independent and adhering to beliefs and ideals, not corrupt political organizations.

This cannot be allowed.  And so today, Jones and his message is enough of a threat that Hillary did something very foolish.  She called out Jones and Breitbart in very public fashion (and not surprisingly, lied through her dentures) despite the fact that a large percentage of her imbecile constituents has never even heard of Infowars or Breitbart.  And now they’re going to investigate.  For a percentage of them, the lightbulb will finally turn on and they will not vote for Hillary.

The speech in Reno was billed as Hillary’s moment to demonize Trump by equating him with racist, white supremacist conspiracy theorists, but she ended up weaving a giant fairytale of her own, reinvoking the vast “right wing conspiracy” that she has been ridiculed for hammering on in the past.

Except this time it’s former KGB agent and Russian President Vladimir Putin who is somehow the evil genius secretly controlling Infowars, Breitbart, Nigel Farage and the entire Alt-Right. Hillary said Putin is, “The godfather of this global brand of extreme nationalism.”

But Trump is the conspiracy theorist.  Yeah, OK Hillary.

Hillary also accused Trump of “taking hate groups mainstream,” the very thing that her and Barack Obama have done by supporting ‘Black Lives Matter’ – a group that has inspired the murder of police officers and whose ideological inspiration is a convicted cop killer on the FBI’s Most Wanted Domestic Terrorists list.

To nobody’s surprise, Alex has responded to grandma Clinton.


In case you weren’t paying attention..

…The 1st amendment is dead.  You don’t get to speak out against the wrong people without punishment.  Sometimes you don’t even have to speak out, you just have to discuss the worst kept secret in all of politics:   Hillary Clinton’s health.

Six days ago, Dr. Drew Pinsky (or just “Dr. Drew”) commented on Hillary Clinton’s health.  Pinsky is not a conservative and at least at one time, was a registered Democrat.  In other words, this was not a politically motivated attack.

Drew was interviewed on August 19th by radio station KABC, and stated that he is “gravely concerned” about her health:

-He said Clinton had two episodes of deep venus thrombosis, or blood clots in her legs, and suffers from hypothyroidism. He said the drug she was given for hypothyroidism was “very unconventional” and used in the 60s. Pinsky then said Clinton was put on an anticoagulant that “really isn’t used anymore,” adding that a person of Clinton’s stature would be expected to receive a newer drug.

-After Clinton fell and hit her head in 2012, she suffered a “transverse sinus thrombosis,” which he called an “exceedingly rare clot” that he has only come across once in his career.  He went on to state that the prism glasses that Hillary wore for several months is indicative of brain damage: “that is brain damage, and so that’s affecting her balance….tell us a little more about that – that’s profound.”

Two days later, KABC pulled the interview from their website.  Gone.  Poof.  It never existed.

Dr. Drew’s twitter went dark.  No tweets for a week.

Today, his TV show was cancelled.

Those of you who have supported Democrats year after year, this is on you.  This kind of suppression isn’t brand new, it’s just more visible now because these days they don’t even bother trying to hide it.  You had plenty of chances to speak out against Progressive’s special brand fascism but you did nothing but continue to support your tribe.  And this is only going to become worse if you damned fools elect this woman.


Burying the lead…

Congressman Says Some of Clinton Emails ‘Classified’ Simply to Avoid Embarrassment – Lawnews

A pretty “ho-hum” headline, right?  Except buried a few pages down:

“Hillary Clinton is out there saying there’s not very much sensitive information in there, that she didn’t trade in sensitive classified information. It’s so sensitive and so classified that even I as the chairman of the Oversight Committee don’t have the high level of clearance to see what’s in those materials,” Chaffetz told the panel.

And yet somehow, she wasn’t indicted.  Much like the FBI’s decision on their recommendations to the Justice Department, voting for this woman is utterly indefensible.

I’m still waiting for someone in the media to ask why Hillary chose to put all of this highly sensitive data on private servers.


The real face of terror..


Early last week, an enormous document dump of Soros’ private files became publicly available.  The media half-heartedly covered it for a day, and then it was gone.

As usual, what the Media doesn’t report on is often far more important than the information it does.  As I have stated on this blog for years, this man is nothing less than an architect of the destruction of the West.  The data that was leaked confirms my words.

The documents confirm that Soros has:

-Influenced and rigged elections in Europe

-Funded (along with the U.N.) the migrant crisis with the intent of destroying Europe and the United States and creating Global Governance

-Funded extremist groups

-Targeted those who disagreed with paid attacks

-Shape and dictate foreign policy for multiple governments

-Paid off Congressmen and Secretaries of State

-Manipulated media coverage during the Ukraine crisis in 2014 to influence public opinion and gain support for a “New Ukraine”

-Alter Supreme Court Rulings

-Funded campaigns to create division and abject hatred between different groups within Europe and the United States.

Those are some pretty big items, eh?  Those are crimes and actions that any sensible person would think are worth covering.  But the MSM did not.  What does that tell you about who owns the MSM?  The story itself simply confirms what many of us already knew.  Perhaps the bigger story is the lack of coverage.  But we will cover it here.

The Bizarre Media Blackout Of Hacked George Soros Documents  – Investor’s Business Daily

Soros Paid Al Gore MILLIONS To Push ‘Aggressive US Action’ On Global Warming – Daily Caller

Leaked Soros Memo: Refugee Crisis ‘New Normal,’ Gives ‘New Opportunities’ For Global Influence – Daily Caller

Hacked documents show George Soros’ foundation ‘tried to influence the Supreme Court justices on immigration case’ – UK Daily Mail

Full list of Soros NGOs manipulating elections in all EU member states – Linkis

Leaked Memos Soros Advances Jihad On Western Civilization – Infowars

 The Globalists can be defeated so easily if we’re all awake and aware.  That’s all it takes.  They take over by stealth because they have to.  They turn us against one another so we don’t fight them.

But if we’re awake, their attempts to divide us become obvious to everyone.  The United States and Europe can take their countries back if those of us who are awake can rouse the rest of our countrymen.


Dr. Drew speaks out on Hillary’s health…

…or did he?

There was a pretty good buzz yesterday where celeb doctor Drew Pinsky commented on Hillary Clinton’s obvious health issues.  Drew, far from being a conservative had some rather grave concerns about Clinton’s health in an interview with 790 KABC.  Except, now it’s gone.

And if not for conservative and libertarian media, you’d never know it existed.  A Google search for “Dr. Drew on Hillary Clinton’s Health” doesn’t list a single MSM or other left-leaning site on the entire first two pages of results.

We’ve never seen anything like this before.  The media and their controllers are so desperate to get Hillary in and more importantly, keep Trump out that they’re not even pretending to be journalists any longer.  Maybe it’s better this way, at least there’s some honesty now.