Stay the course.. a thousand points of light…s-..stay the course.

For those of you who are considering or God help us,planning on voting for Barry Soetoro, I have a question.

Have you paid attention to the actual content of his stump speeches as he campaigns across all 57 states?  Have you noticed that the man says nothing about what he wants to do for the next four years?  Ever?

As a point of research for this blog, I watch all of his campaign speeches once they’re posted to  Needless to say, I have noticed and one would think that this sort of… Cone of Silence.. would make the average thinking man a bit nervous.

Now, the people that this post is directed at are most likely dismissing these words with the usual reflexive rejection but as I said when this blog re-started, this blog, at least until election day, is for people willing to reject their party labels and start doing some serious thinking.   So, ask yourself, why would this man, our President, not tell you what he’s planning for his term if he’s re-elected?

The low hanging fruit here of course is to say “Because a majority of Americans of all political persuasions would be horrified by the truth”.  There’s plenty of validity to that statement but there’s a leap of faith required there that no doubt some of the readers here haven’t made yet.  So let’s focus on something a bit less.. conspiratorial.  Obama is implicitly stating that we should “Stay the course….” with all of his stump speeches.  What’s missing from four years ago?  Hope and Change but that can’t work anymore for a lot of reasons.  Primarily because he’s The Man now.  He’s the status quo.  He has no record of accomplishments to run on.  Any talk of hope and change and the excitement that goes along with it can only push us to Romney/Ryan.

None of it is real

I didn’t intend things to get this quiet.  I’ve gone through some abject misery the past few days but I’m on the other side of it now.  More importantly, I received my first threats for the blog this past weekend.  Lots of milestones these days.

Anyway, the pace will return to normal tomorrow.

That being said, you’re most likely going to see something very crazy in the next 10 days.  Remember this when you see it and remember to say “none of it is real.”  Because it’s not.
If it doesn’t happen in the next 10 days, it will before November 8th.  Don’t forget.

The REAL unemployment rate.

Every time I hear someone quote the unemployment rate, be it someone on the Left or someone on the Right, I get irritated.  The current “Unemployment” rate is supposedly 8.2% which is horrible on many historic levels.  However, that number is highly misleading, hence my anger.

The government’s unemployment rate only measures those who are out of a job and currently looking for work.  Under normal circumstances, this is an accurate and reasonable set of criterium to use.  It is NOT an accurate or reasonable set of criterium to use when you’re at the end of a President’s first term who has deliberately attempted to slow down the American economy.

The number that gets ignored by the media, both Right and Left is the U-6 rate.  This is the actual tally of people that are genuinely out of work.  You see, the unemployment rate doesn’t count people that are working part-time because that’s the only kind of job that they can find despite desperately wanting to work full time.  More importantly, the unemployment rate doesn’t count the people who have just flat out given up on finding a job.

The REAL unemployment rate (or U-6 rate) for the month of July 2012 is 15.0 percent.

Nobody is arguing that Barack Obama wasn’t dealt a poor hand.  Both parties had done a wonderful job of creating the housing crisis/bubble.  However, this is by no means unprecedented.  Reagan inherited a disasterous economy from Carter.  Bush (the 2nd) inherited an economy right at the genesis of the dot com bubble bursting.  Both men responded by cutting taxes and making the American private sector as attractive as possible to investors.

Canada responded to the global economic slow down by cutting spending and cutting both the individual tax rate and the corporate tax rate.  Their GDP and unemployment rates now put ours to shame.

Those of you who buy into the New Democrats vision of Big Government and Central Planning, I have but one question:  Please show me one time, one single example, of when this approach has worked to build a vibrant economy.  Any time in history.  Go back ten thousand years if you’d like.  Show me one example.

Our President knows this.  He’s not a stupid man nor is he ignorant of economics.  He is remaking the country to fit both his and his Masters’ ideology.

Get ready

There’s a strong likelihood that an enormous financial crash is upon us.  This will happen as early as this fall but possibly early 2013.  This crash is orchestrated.

Some corroborating evidence:
Soros dumps major bank stock.
Soros aqcuires 137 million in gold.
Billionaire John Paulson has billions invested in gold.

The crash will be used differently depending on that “they” decide.  Either way, the end result will be martial law due to the rioting that will ensue.  The White House’s fanning of both racial and economic class flames will ensure that rioting will take place.

Both of my government contacts are extremely skeptical that elections will be held in November.  While national polls show Romney holding a slight lead over Obama, internal polling shows Romney holding a Reagan/Mondale-esque lead of 10+ points.  Barack Obama is a once in a lifetime investment for global powers that want to see America’s place in the world greatly diminished.  They will not allow this man to be removed without a fight and a 10 point lead for Romney cannot be equalized by even the massive voting fraud operations that are already in place to benefit Barack Obama.  Tie that into the marching orders that DHS has received recently from the White House and it’s very clear that cancelling the elections is a possibility that is being seriously discussed.

The cancellation may take one of a few forms.  If the aforementioned financial meltdown occurs before the election, martial law will be declared and the elections will be “postponed” until this time of crisis is over.

A false flag attempt on the President’s life has also been discussed in an effort to generate sympathy among the electorate and allow DHS to crack down hard on “Tea Party Extremists”.

Another possibility will be an illegal war with Iran.

Regardless of what form it takes, my sources are skeptical that elections will be held in November.  This is difficult to comprehend for numerous reasons.  Most significant of those reason is something all humans suffer from:  Present Bias.  Put simply, this is a psychological term for people to subconsciously think that since something has never happened before, it cannot happen now.  But I assure you, it can.

If the financial crash doesn’t happen this fall AND Romney is elected, two scenarios will play out.

1) Romney does what he was put there to do and dramatically scales back on government spending and lowers taxes.  He essentially follows what Canada has done and puts us on the road to the same kind of prosperity that our friends to the North are experiencing.  At that point, the financial crash will hit.  This will allow the Media and the Communists among the Democratic party to sell the narrative that “Conservative ideas don’t work” when it comes to running an economy and that we must have more control and more regulations.  Both the Communist and Socialist elements of the Democratic party will welcome this as will the intellectually uncurious.

2) Romney doesn’t do what he was put in office to do and the strings that his globalist handlers have attached to him are stronger and more numerous than initially thought.  The crash happens and the intellectually uncurious and mindlessly devout members of the Republican party are placated by the fact that “their guy” is in charge.

The bottom line is that you must prepare for the worst.  If a year from now I am mocked as an apocalyptic wing nut, I will be the happiest person in the world.  But once again, I must re-iterate:  This is not conjecture.

The Niggerization of Obama

If you don’t vote for Obama in November, you’re a racist.  That has always been the message and it continues to be the message.  The sociological genius Toure reminded us last night that disagreement with Obama’s policies or campaign methods isn’t genuine disagreement, it’s “Niggerization”.



How does this relate to the Big Picture?  What if I told you that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are devout racists?  What if I told you that they despise all persons of any color but their own?  Rather rich considering that our President is bi-racial and not an African American.  Let me put it bluntly:  Your president despises white people.  He especially despises white people who are not upper class.  This is not hearsay, this is not rumor.  The man (and his wife) are the black equivalent of the KKK and they’re not shy about sharing their bigotry.. in the right company.

Spoon-feeding you a twelve course dinner.

I’ve taken it upon myself that over the course of the next few months, I’ll let you into the world (at least to some degree) I’ve inhabited for the last two years. This will be difficult due to the enormous amount of information that needs to be conveyed to paint the full picture. Regardless, it needs to be done and these occasional essays are crucial to that effort.

Consequently, it’s important that you put each post in context with the others. I can’t paint the full picture in a single post. Even if I attempted to do so and was able to succinctly include all of the important points in..oh, say two pages, it would be too much to absorb. So, today we’ll start with the topic of Obama’s past. Specifically two scandals. One of which should be ignored, the other of which is just finally getting the smallest amount of attention.

There’s been a significant amount of effort put into navigating the tangled web that is Barack Obama’s family tree and birth. For the most part, the response from both DNC operatives and the MSM has been the traditional Alinski tactic: Attack the opponent, not their message. Individuals who (rightly) display concern about Barack Obama’s citizenship and fitness to be the President are quickly labeled as racists. Consequently, difficult questions never get answered. Questions such as why Obama’s Grandmother states that she witnessed his birth in Kenya, the unsolved arson of the records depot that resulted in the destruction of Obama’s records of his time in Kenya or why the birth certificate that the Obama administration finally produced some months back is an obvious forgery.

Despite all this, the Birther angle is a losing one and should be ignored. Obama is not eligible to be President of the United States. The majority of Republicans in the Senate and House are and have been well aware that Obama is not eligible for the Presidency. It was never officially pushed as an issue in the 2008 election because A) The McCain campaign was terrified of being accused as racist and B) McCain himself was not eligible to become President of the United States due to not being a natural-born citizen. One hand washes the other and now here we are. So the message here is twofold: To those of you who disregard the “Birthers” as racists who can’t accept a black guy in the White House, The “Birthers” ARE correct and just because “Your Guy” is in office doesn’t mean that it’s time to turn off your critical thinking skills. To the “Birthers”, yeah you’re right but it doesn’t mean a damn thing. Everyone that can actually do something about the fact that Obama isn’t eligible already knows and they’re not doing anything about it.

The REAL scandal that’s being ignored is the fact that Barack Obama’s college transcripts have been and continue to be sealed. Unlike his real birth certificate, Team Obama is terrified that these documents will see the light of day. Obama’s college transcripts would reveal:

1) Despite his poor grades, the President was admitted as a transfer student to Columbia claiming himself as a foreign student.

2) Both his curriculum and special activities revolved around Socialist and Marxist economics and theology.

3) The premise of his Senior thesis was that America was founded upon racism and racist institutions and that this racist foundation could be undone with the application of Marxist doctrine.

Here is the true scandal. A real birth certificate would tell us nothing about the man we have elected as POTUS. Obama’s thesis however, written at a time when he no doubt felt he could be candid about his own feelings and beliefs would give us a clear window into the mind and heart of the “Leader of the Free World”. Unfortunately, a plurality of the Democratic party not only approves of Socialism, but Communist doctrine as well. The unveiling of these transcripts would only further endear them to our President. However, there’s still a significant number of old school, Blue Dog Democrats left that still believe in capitalism and the free market. The unveiling of Obama’s college transcripts would be a powerful lesson to those sane Democrats that in the future, transparency must be demanded of a Presidential Candidate.

Most likely, these documents will never see the light of day. Obama and his handlers have spent millions to keep his past a blank slate that can be filled with whatever history is most politically beneficial at any given time. Regardless, do not mistake this man’s remarks on government and markets as a “progressive view”. This man is not a Democrat, nor is he a socialist. This man was raised as a Marxist. He has had powerful Marxist influences surrounding him since childhood. He is a staunch Marxist now and has a very specific plan for America based on that ideology.

Obama’s Big Media shield begins to bow

I mentioned previously that I had privately predicted to a few friends and colleagues several months back that the MSM’s tone will shift dramatically in its stance towards Barack Obama.  This shift has begun this week.

Example #1 is below.  Wolf Blitzer eviscerates DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz on an absurd accusation that she makes against the Romney/Ryan ticket’s stance towards Medicare reform.  She’s caught in the lie early on and Blitzer amazingly holds her feet to the fire:


It’s important to note that I’m not endorsing or the Romney/Ryan Medicare plan.  That’s not the point here.  The point is that the stunt that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is attempting to pull, a stunt that she has successfully pulled countless times in the past four years, is not working this time.  As I’ve said before, this is one of many examples of this happening just this week and it’s something you can expect to see much more often in the future.  The important question in all this of course is the Why.  The Why is part of the big picture and I promise that we’ll get to that piece of the big picture shortly.

I’m already sounding smart.

It only took a day and I already have some evidence to back up my claim yesterday that Democratic operatives have been assisting the Romney campaign.  Although this time, it’s not in clandestine fashion: Former Obama campaign co-chair to stump for Romney

This ties in with two big picture items: 1) The aforementioned defection of prominent Democratic operatives 2) The MSM providing less cover for the Obama Campaign as we get closer to the election.

For those of you that regularly follow both MSM and Alternative news sources, you’ve noticed that the MSM’s coverage of the Obama Whitehouse over the last four years has been absurdly favorable. Regularly under-reporting or outright omitting stories that should have been extremely damaging to this Administration’s credibility with the American people. However, as I have predicted to some of you privately, that will change and as of this week it has. Examples to follow soon.

Changes afoot

I’ve moved the site to WordPress in an effort to facilitate the large number of posts in the coming months.  Consequently, you’ll see some minor cosmetic changes in the coming weeks as I continue to get comfortable with the WordPress interface.  Please excuse the mess.