And the country just got a little bit more free.. for now.

I apologize for not addressing this sooner, I was too busy popping open champagne.

U.S. Attorney General Holder to step down – AP

One can only dream that he might be in prison some day, held accountable for his crimes.  Of course in this country, political crimes against the citizens result in six figure consulting jobs, board seats and 50k per session speaking tours.  But his legacy will be remembered by historians and the honest ones won’t be kind.  For those historians he’ll be remembered as a man who knowingly let assault rifles free to roam south of the border, knowing that they’d be used to murder Mexicans.  An easy sacrifice for a man who once stated that we need to “brainwash people against gun ownership”.  He’ll be remembered as a race baiter.  He’ll be remembered as a puppet and a lap dog.  He’ll be remembered as a man who wielded the sword of justice as a means to punish those who disagreed with him and to knight his friends with, no matter how equally treacherous they might be.  Mostly Eric, you’ll just be remembered as a felon.

Some other perspectives on Mr. Holder’s reign as the top law enforcement official of this country:

Dosvedanya, Holder: America’s First Soviet Attorney General Steps Down – Roger L. Simon

“…With that background, no wonder Holder investigates nothing, leaving “Fast & Furious,” the IRS, Benghazi, all the scandals, untouched, stonewalled or deliberately obfuscated.  He was chosen to be a “Good German” and he was one.  He spent most of his time inveighing against what he perceived to be racial injustice.”


Eric Holder’s Legacy: Duplicity, Incompetence, and Obliviousness – Nick Gillespe

Gillespe is unusually kind in the piece, I can only assume he’s in a good mood from celebrating.


Forbes sacks columnist over piece saying ‘drunk’ female students pose ‘gravest’ threat to frats; writer responds, ‘I stand by every word’ – NY Daily News

Forbes magazine has sacked a contributor over an online column arguing that drunk party girls were the “gravest threats” to the livelihood of fraternities, the Daily News has learned.

The column by contributor and MIT-grad Bill Frezza titled “Drunk Female Guests Are the Gravest Threat To Fraternities,” hit the web at 2:23 p.m. Tuesday, according to a cached version still available online.

It was yanked down almost immediately, according to Jezebel.

“Mr. Frezza’s post was removed from almost immediately after he published it,” Forbes spokesperson Mia Carbonell told the Daily News. “Mr. Frezza is no longer a contributor to”

In an email, Frezza said Forbes rightly pulled the piece because its subject didn’t fit the site’s politics section and that the accompanying photo “was in poor taste.”

“That being said I stand by every word I wrote,” Frezza said.

The truth apparently hurts amid all of the campus rape hysteria.  Fuck off, Forbes.  I’ll never peruse your site again.

The Future Must Belong to Those Who Question – Sarah Hoyt
It certainly doesn’t right now.  It currently belongs to a large group of extremely mean-spirited, anti-intellectual automatons.  That needs to change.
From the article:

This extends all across the pet causes of the left. Feminism? Oh, please, do keep talking about how you want to kill all but 10% of males.

The lack of women and minorities in science fiction? Do keep talking. We have books going back to the fricking fifties that give you the lie and you just expose your crass ignorance.

The War on Women, in the group with the most pampered, indulged women in the world? Please, even some of the kids no longer buy it.

White privilege, which is screamed in the faces of Hispanic and even Black males who disagree with the narrative? Please, oh, insane mind, speak thyself.

However, from their side all we hear is that they want us to shut up and (in sff where they’re soft) “hurry up and die. Or in the rest of the world “be killed.”

Whence this recoil from opposing opinions, this desire to shut us up?

And perhaps even more important, from the comments section of the article:

Exactly – mock them, make them a laughing stock. To paraphrase a great man – “We shall mock them on the seas and oceans, we shall ridicule them with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our our values, whatever the cost may be, we shall taunt them on the beaches, we shall parody them on the landing grounds, we shall jeer at them in the fields and in the streets, we shall caricature them in the hills; we shall never surrender!”

I hate that approach.  But it’s worked incredibly well for the Left.  Maybe it is finally time to do the same.  Christ knows there’s far more material to mock.

Gingrich Warns GOP of ‘Population in Turmoil’ This Fall – National Review

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich warned current and former lawmakers of a “population in turmoil” this election cycle, aggravated that Republicans have failed to offer a positive alternative to President Obama’s agenda.

“There’s a poll out today that when asked, ‘do you think most members of Congress deserve reelection,’ it is 87-5,” Gingrich said Wednesday evening. “Now that frightens me. That tells me nobody here should assume we understand what’s going to happen on election day because you have a population in turmoil. They don’t like anybody and they have good sound reasons for it, in my judgment.”

Gingrich made the remarks at a reunion of members of the class of Republicans who took office in 1994. Senator Roger Wicker (R., Miss.), who moderated the event, assured attendees that they could speak freely because there were no reporters in the room; the media advisory said the event was on the record.

The former speaker praised the 1994 class for running on a positive agenda during their campaigns. 

“This is a huge mistake this year, by the way,” Gingrich said. “The fact that we do not have positive themes and positive issues is going to cost us seats this fall because moderates and independents aren’t going to turn out. It’s an enormous mistake.” 

I started writing an essay about this a couple months back but never really quite finished it because it grew out of control and fatigue set in trying to make the 7 or 8 pages cohesive.  The main thrust of it was that the Republicans need to fucking inspire us.   The Republicans will pick up seats in November (don’t ask me how many, I can’t be kept abreast of all the treachery going on with the Democrat party on an election by election basis) but the only reason they’re picking up those seats is because of the abject failure that is the modern day NWO-inspired Democrat party.

The problem is that they can’t lead because most of them are bought and paid for by the same people that have co-opted the Democrat party.  They give us no reason to vote for them, not even lies.  In 2010, they at least promised to roll back Obamacare if elected.  Don’t hear much talk about that anymore, do we?

But there is a significant difference between the two parties, specifically their constituencies.  What the Democrat faithful has never understood (mostly due to their easily programmable nature) is that the Tea Party views the Republican party with nearly as much ire as the Democrats.  Therein lies the difference:  A large constituency that exists to hold their own party accountable.  Sadly that entity was repressed by the criminals in the White House and the Justice Department.  They’ll try again of course because  the Tea Party is the only real check on the power that’s consolidating within our government.

The bottom line is that I don’t really know if the elections this Fall really matter.   I’m not arguing that you should sit at home either.  More than anything, it’s important for you to know the score and unfortunately, the good guys are down by a lot and it’s late in the fourth quarter.  Focus on what’s going on locally where your vote has the most impact on the election.  Find candidates at some level that genuinely inspire you.  Make it a habit of funneling your political anger at your representatives via email or on the phone.  Those calls and emails have more impact than your vote.  More than anything, try to stay positive.

REVEALED: Conspiracy To Destroy Rush Limbaugh Is Small, Organized, Deceptive – Daily Caller

The recent campaign to silence conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh is led by ten liberal activists engaged in a more than four-year long effort to destroy Limbaugh by targeting his advertisers, including a Media Matters executive vice president.

A former Kent State university professor even targeted a small businessman advertising on Limbaugh’s show using her official university email account.

Information compiled by Limbaugh’s team — and first provided to The Daily Caller — demonstrates that nearly 70 percent of the tweets targeting Limbaugh’s advertisers come from the same ten Twitter users, all of whom are actively involved in the “Stop Rush” campaign, which keeps a database of all of Limbaugh’s advertisers.

I wish that the average joes that vote Democrat would recognize that the Institutional Left is always fighting to silence voices of dissent, never to engage with them.  If your ideas are so superior, what do you have to fear in an open and honest debate?

Quotation of the day on the gospel of Marxism….  – Carpe Diem

The whole gospel of Karl Marx can be summed up in a single sentence: Hate the man who is better off than you are. Never under any circumstances admit that his success may be due to his own efforts, to the productive contribution he has made to the whole community. Always attribute his success to the exploitation, the cheating, the more or less open robbery of others. Never under any circumstances admit that your own failure may be owing to your own weakness, or that the failure of anyone else may be due to his own defects, to his laziness, incompetence, improvidence or simple stupidity.

Or perhaps “the gospel of Progressivism” would be more apt.

Where the Middle Class Goes to Die – National Review

A new report being released today by the Census Bureau finds that Manhattan has the highest level of income inequality in the United States. That is not entirely surprising, though it would also not have been surprising if it had been San Francisco or another progressive fiefdom. For all the rhetoric about wicked 1 percenters and inequality, progressivism is a luxury good, and progressive-dominated enclaves are generally pretty okay places to live if you have a fair amount of money, but sort of stink if you’re in the middle or at the lower end of the earnings curve.

But here’s where it gets good:

As indicated above, the income figures by themselves hardly tell the story. The median household income in the city of New York is a few hundred dollars a year more than the median household income in the state of Texas, but in practical terms the average New York City household is much worse off.

Think about that.  The median income (Median is a far more useful statistic here than average, btw) in New York City is only a couple hundred bucks higher than the entire state of Texas.  Think about the cost of living in even the more cosmopolitan cities in Texas and the cost of living is a fraction of what it is in NYC.

More importantly, it’s the same story in every large Democrat-dominated city.  L.A., Chicago, San Francisco, whatever.  They are mega cities of inequality where a tiny percentage live well while the majority scrape by.

From a macro-level, it’s an amazing story.  The Democrats have convinced their constituency to hate Republicans for the problems they themselves have created and continue to perpetuate.