Cronyism in action..

Ex-Im Bank gets boost in rare floor vote that flouts GOP leadership – Washington Examiner

Every single one of them should be voted out of office or face a primary challenge.   But this event is incredibly illustrative of a point I’ve tried to make over and over:

“We showed that Democrats and Republicans can work together to overcome the obstruction caused by an ideologically driven minority that put its own uncompromising principles over the needs of the American people,” said Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who is the ranking member on the House Financial Services Committee.

When the cameras aren’t rolling or if it’s over a bill that the general public typically doesn’t understand, Republicans and Democrats always work together.  Don’t pay attention to the rhetoric.  I’ll have another, much scarier story soon that illustrates this point further.


Ashton Carter: U.S. to Begin ‘Direct Action on the Ground’ in Iraq, Syria – NBC News

I have been neglect in saying this, but considering that our “anti-war” President is now going to send more good men off to die on yet another god-forsaken pile of sand, I need to get off my ass and say what the tiny handful of politicians who haven’t sold their soul to the NWO don’t have the guts to say.

We created ISIS.  I don’t mean “We keep meddling over there and so Muslims get pissed off and form a terrorist group” kind of created.  I mean it in a “some entities in the intelligence community and Pentagon along with approval from the White House created and funded a terrorist group for a number of purposes” sort of way.

We must always have the specter of terrorism as a tool to keep the American people scared and compliant.  There can never be an end to this “war”.

We want Assad deposed in favor of an America-friendly puppet.  By “we” I mean that same combination I alluded to earlier.

The President tells ghastly lies, painting Russia as the aggressor and the American News Media perpetuates that lie.  These aren’t little lies.  These are enormous lies.  The kind of propaganda that would make Goebbels blush.

So here’s some truth:

-We created ISIS.  We control ISIS.  They are a convenient proxy army to use as an instrument of chaos in the Middle East.

-Assad has a higher approval rating in Syria than our President and Congress combined.  He may not be a terribly nice guy, but he’s by no means the monster this Administration and Media have made him out to be and his people genuinely support him.

-WE ARE THE AGGRESSORS.  We are the ones funding “rebels” to attack the Syrian government.  Now we are putting our own jets in Syrian skies and boots on the ground (Officially now.  They’ve already been there unofficially).  We were not invited.

-RUSSIA IS NOT THE AGGRESSOR.  Russia and Syria have close diplomatic ties and treaties.  Russian troops and military hardware were invited to move onto Syrian soil.

-Unsurprisingly, oil and more importantly, the petro-dollar is a key component of this mess.  Saudi Arabia and Qatar desperately want to build an oil pipeline through Syria.  Syria doesn’t want this because they are closely allied with Russia.  Russia doesn’t want this because Russia’s primary source of wealth is oil and natural gas and the construction of this pipeline would dramatically decrease Russian petro-carbon revenues.  So, you know, they’re jerks and we should start world war 3 over it.

-Speaking of World War 3, we are much, much closer than you think to this horrific event.  They’re are elements of the Banksters and the NWO that want that very thing.

-IN THIS CONFLICT, WE ARE THE BAD GUYS.  I can’t put it any simpler than that.  You damn fools that still support this President need to recognize that this man is every bit the war monger that Dick Cheney was, except this President is far crazier and far more obedient.

Now they are getting exactly what they wanted all along.  They send in the proxy army (ISIS) to destabilize the area in order to convince the American people that we need to get involved.  Now we get to put boots on the ground which was the goal from the start.

As always, this can be stopped if you speak up.

GOP moneymen: Ryan a fundraising juggernaut – Politico

My GOD it’s depressing that this piece of shit is now the Speaker of the House.

“He has really strong numbers among the conservative community across the board, and across the country. He has deep, developed, strong relationships with some of our best supporters around the country,” said NRCC Chairman Greg Walden (R-Ore.). “Frankly, I don’t know more than maybe one or two other members that have that level of relationships.”

Strong at one time, but falling steadily for the past couple of years now that more and more conservatives are paying attention to the fact that this guy is a bought and paid for shitbag.

Remember, there’s a reason that this criminal, this criminal and that criminal all endorsed this guy for Speaker of the House.

1 In 2 Working Americans Make Less Than $30,000 A Year – Daily Caller

Fifty-one percent of working Americans make less than $30,000 a year, new data from the Social Security Administration (SSA) shows.

That’s $2,500 a month before taxes and just over the federal poverty level for a family of five. The new numbers come from the National Wage Index, which SSA updates each year based on reported wages subject to the federal income tax.

Hopey-changey, blah blah blah

Read more: 

The Unbearable Racism of Social Justice Warrior Jerks – Liberty Zone

Because apparently, according to this shrew, the only way queer, black boys can escape into the wondrous worlds of literature is through mirror images of themselves, not through great storytelling, no matter who tells it! And if you think that “white” stories are anything but “white” stories, well then you’re a privileged racist. If you believe literature should be for everyone, no matter what color the writer or the main characters are, then you’re an insensitive lout, who doesn’t deserve consideration or respect. If you insist on a world as it should be – judged by the content of its character, rather than the content of the melanin in its skin or its social identity – you’re a disgusting bigot.

The absolute twisted derangement of this pseudo-logic is mind-boggling. If you refuse to judge others by something as superficial as skin color or sexual identity, you’re a bigot. Orwell is probably spinning in his grave so hard, he’s spiraled his way to the earth’s core by now.

I don’t focus on the insanity  of college campuses (and academia in general) much on this here blog because it’s one of those topics that requires a ton of posts on a regular basis in order to properly convey the magnitude of the Marxist takeover that’s currently in progress.  But this well written essay is a critique on another essay that represents a microcosm of the distortion and perversion of literature taking place in higher ed.

I expect that 20 years from now, many of today’s college graduates are going to suddenly and angrily realize that spent 4 to 8 years and a couple hundred thousand dollars on brainwashing.