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There’s three pieces I’m writing at the moment, one about Donald Trump and the ugly subject of entrainment (look it up), one about the mess we’re causing in Syria (and how to fix it) and the third is about the Pope and his words from last week which were much along the lines of what I previously predicted.

But tonight I’m going to talk about NASA’s “big” announcement this coming week:

NASA to Announce Mars Mystery Solved

Perhaps they’ll announce water on Mars for the 4th or 5th time since the 70’s.  That’s not a flippant statement, they literally have.  Then the public forgets and NASA continues to obfuscate what’s really happening out there.

What I’m guessing they’re going to announce is confirmation of briny water streams that have frequently been appearing on satellite photography for close to ten years now.  Everyone that was paying attention already knows this.  Hell, the man that designed the test for biological life for the Viking landers in the 70’s insists that the test came back positive but NASA buried it.

Regardless, NASA will probably announce the presence of liquid water on Mars and the breadcrumbs will continue.  Eventually they’ll announce that they found a fossil on Mars.  Something small and primitive and not scary like a crinoid.  Then down the road we’ll hear that they’ve discovered bacterial or other single-cell life on Mars.  All with the goal of opening up people’s minds to the possibility that *gasp* life isn’t unique to the Earth.  For those of us who have been paying attention, NASA has been laying the foundation for years.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a whole lot of people paying attention, and even fewer demanding that NASA be honest with us.  There’s a whole lot more going on at Mars than bacteria, but it remains to be seen if they’ll admit it in our lifetimes.



World War 3 Blues…

I have alluded to a painful truth in the past on this blog, but it bear repeating:

There is an element in the U.S. Government and more importantly, the “string pullers” for lack of a better term, that want World War 3 to happen.  Much of what our current administration has done in the Middle East is to create chaos to set the stage.

You are most likely not aware of the following, because not a single mainstream news outlet reported it.  But we (the United States) is deliberately provoking the Russians with our nuclear arms deployments:

Putin promises ‘counter-steps’ To US nuclear weapons deployment to Germany:

The planned deployment of the latest US nuclear bombs at the Buchel Air Base in Germany would disrupt the strategic balance of forces in Europe and could force a reaction from Russia, President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary has stated.“It may lead to the destruction of the strategic balance in Europe.

Therefore it would definitely cause Russia to take corresponding counter-steps and counter-measures in order to restore the strategic balance and parity,” Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.“This is another step and unfortunately it is a very serious step towards increase of tensions on the European continent. Such actions cannot be described as a step towards stronger trust and greater stability,” the Russian official added.

The statement was prompted by news this week circulated by the German television channel ZDF, which found out from US budget documents about the US Air Force’s plans to bring new B61 nuclear bombs to the Luftwaffe’s Buchel Air Base.


Richard Gere: De Blasio ‘Doesn’t Appear to Have the Solutions’ Everyone Thought – PJ Media

Gere said de Blasio is taking “a lot of heat” on the level of homelessness in New York City.

“It’s a serious problem. The mayor of New York has been taking a lot of heat on this and it seems like it’s worse. And we have a mayor who was elected to be someone who was caring for those on the lower end of the economic scale and the underprivileged, and it doesn’t appear that he has the solutions that everyone would wish he might have.

Fucking imagine that.  An empty headed socialist couldn’t  get the job done when he had the chance.  Who would have expected it aside from anyone with half a fucking brain and a 3rd grade education in history.

New White House Campaign Will Encourage Legal Immigrants to Become Citizens – New York Times

White House officials announced the start of a nationwide campaign on Thursday to encourage legal immigrants to become American citizens, which could add millions of voters to the electorate in time for the presidential election next year.

With about 8.8 million legal residents in the country who are eligible to become citizens, White House officials said they were trying to make it easier to complete the final steps to citizenship. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the federal agency in charge of naturalizations, will offer practice tests on cellphones for the civics exam that immigrants must pass, but which many find daunting, and will hold preparatory workshops in rural areas. Applicants will also be able to pay the fee — still a hefty $680 — with a credit card.

They’re not even trying to pretend any longer that it hasn’t always been about keeping Liberals in power at the expense of the citizens.

Back from a break…

Hopefully some of you still check.  Busy work schedule and quite frankly, burnt out and a bit overwhelmed by events.

One news item and then something fun.

The Pope will be speaking in front of the United Nations General Assembly on the 25th of this month.  Conservatives, Libertarians and anyone who believes in personal liberty will be appalled by the words that will come out of this man’s mouth.

He will attack capitalism (despite the fact that we are no longer a capitalist country), you will hear attacks on the very idea of national sovereignty and national borders.  You will likely hear an attack on the 2nd amendment.  This man is nothing more than a cassocked mouthpiece for the New World Order.  I hope I’m wrong, but there’s plenty of precedent and my sources are 100% positive about this.

On a happier note, I recently saw an amazing segment on Anthony Bourdain’s new show, Raw Craft:

Raw Craft – Anthony Bourdain and the Swordsmith

Anthony has the pleasure of watching one of the only master swordsmiths in the country (there’s a total of 125) make the best chef’s knives on the planet.  The video is longish (12 minutes) but worth every minute.  Especially the moment where a shadow dances across the molten blade as the carbon causes a phase change to the crystalline structure of the metal.