Stupidity… or theatre?

It’s currently being reported that Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department are weighing the idea of pressing criminal charges against Julian Assange:

Report: Trump’s DOJ Is Considering Charges Against WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange – Daily Caller

This comes a week after our hardline (and apparent idiot) CIA Director said this about WikiLeaks:

Pompeo said during a speech that it was “time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: a non-state, hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors, like Russia.  They have pretended that America’s First Amendment freedoms shield them from justice. They may have believed that, but they are wrong,” said Pompeo.

So what’s happening here?  We already know that Trump is surrounded by enemies within his cabinet.  Has he been convinced to bit the hand that feeds him?  Or is this Sessions acting independently (the way a Justice Department is supposed to work) and he’s taking a hard line against the leaking of any classified data?

A third possibility relates to something I’ve said in the past.  WikiLeaks enjoys significant support from the white hats within our intelligence agencies.  I’ll go a step further and say that it is highly likely that WikiLeaks has the formal support (and the cover that support provides) by either a nation state or a powerful element within a nation state.  Otherwise Julian Assange isn’t watching the telly while petting his cat at this moment, he’s getting water-boarded while a car battery is hooked up to his testicles at a CIA black site.

If that support is coming from Trump and/or people loyal to him, leaking a story that the Justice Department is about to press charges against Assange is a wonderful way of inoculating Trump further from the Russian/WL hysteria.

There’s any number of  other theories and scenarios that could be considered, but I’m guessing this is going to peter out.  We may hear a bit more about the story, it might even heat up a bit for a while, but I’m guessing that in the end, they’re not going to press charges.

The New Queen of Crazy…

Democrats’ all-too-telling love for Maxine Waters – NY Post

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is the current darling of the left — which tells you just how crazy Democrats have gotten.
CNNPolitics reports, accurately, Waters is “having a moment” with the biggest online buzz since Bernie Sanders. Elle dubbed her “The Millennials’ Political Rock Star.”
Yet she’s every bit the over-the-top lefty she’s been for decades. Indeed, she’s winning all the praise by calling for President Trump’s impeachment.
On the record, at least 25 times.
Last week, she told the Los Angeles Press Club, “I want this president impeached.” She spent the weekend leading a crowd of activists in an “Impeach 45!” chant.
But MSNBC’s Craig Melvin pressed her on the issue Tuesday, and she quickly insisted, “I have not called for impeachment.”
This would almost be humorous if it were not for the enormous damage Democrats and Liberals have done to the Republic.  I’d be hard pressed to name a crazier and more stupid member of Congress than Maxine Waters, and yet she’s become one of the most prominent faces of the Democrat party.  Liberals, hope you’re looking forward to 8 years of Trump : )

As I’ve droned on about many times…

…Trump’s biggest resistance will come from the Republicans who are bought, paid for, and/or sexually compromised by an IA.

GOP SENATOR GETS RICH BLOCKING OBAMACARE REPEALS – Here’s why globalists inside GOP won’t roll back Obamacare – InfoWars

Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker, an avowed enemy of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shareholders seeking to end the Obama administration Net Worth Sweep, has built a personal fortune of approximately $50 million since being elected to the Senate in 2006.

But Corker has been anything but forthcoming in accurately disclosing the true amount of his wealth, or making it clear to the public the methods he used to accumulate it.

Why are they so afraid of words and ideas?

We all remember the violent tantrum that Berkeley students threw back when Milo attempted to give a speech.  This time Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak at Berkeley and the speech was cancelled due to “security concerns”.

Ann Coulter: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Needs to Investigate UC Berkeley For Cancelling Speech – Gateway Pundit

Yes, words can be genuinely powerful.  And yes, the small group of people with designs of bringing this country under their boot heel are afraid of those words.  They want the Left to be closed off, cocooned with other Leftists and screaming “La La La” with their hands over their ears any time someone tries to debase them of their ridiculous ideas.  But what kind of generation did we raise that so happily goes along with this scheme, a generation that’s so utterly incapable of dealing with the emotional fallout of having one’s ideas challenged amidst the safety of the figurative echo chambers of today’s modern college campus?

I’ll tell you what kind:  A bunch of fucking pussies.  That’s what kind.

But since we’re talking about Berkeley and pussies, these Antifa fucks have got to be the biggest fucking pussies on the planet.  A bunch of brain-dead fascists that are so fucking stupid and controllable that they actually believe that violently shutting down a peaceful speech is somehow fighting against fascism.  Even more ironic is that they’re getting paid $15 an hour by a rich Nazi-sympathizer to “fight fascism”.

The best part is that these little bag munchers shit and piss themselves at the first sign of someone that fights back, which many of the Trump supporters do with gusto.  My primary disappointment in the Coulter cancellation is that it was an opportunity for these stupid fucking children to actually hear some new ideas.  But a close second was seeing more of those little Antifa bitches getting their faces kicked in.


89% of the news coverage of President Trump…

…has been negative.  Contrast this with the eight years of coverage of President fuckhead that hovered around the 103% positive range.

We have an excellent example just today of the aforementioned negative coverage:

Malcolm Nance, MSNBC correspondent tweeted this today:

This shitbird has since deleted the tweet, but has yet to apologize.  If someone you love is watching MSNBC for anything other than laughs, you need to stage an intervention.  Aside from this Tweet’s seditious nature, it’s a reminder that MSNBC is a propaganda outlet that creates fiction for the ignorant imbecile demographic.

A big scalp for the Globalists…

Bill O’Reilly is Fired from Fox News – Breitbart

I have mixed feelings about O’Reily.  I probably disagreed with him more than I agreed with him.  He was very pro-war and we have more than enough of those in the Fake News Media.
What’s instructive about this situation is how “they” went after O’Reily.  They went after the advertisers.  That’s how they get you now.
Infowars was de-listed by Google’s Ad-Sense web advertising company.   YouTube is censoring and demonetizing every major conservative, libertarian and 2nd-amendment centric channels.  It’s an enormous story, one that I haven’t covered here enough.  And the rationale Youtube/Google/Alphabet is using to do this is “Advertiser Pressure” over “inappropriate content”.
Now, the positive here is that this is one more giant, flashing (virtual) billboard advertising the fact that Liberals have lost the war of ideas.  You don’t regularly shut down debate, you don’t directly censor opposing views in a manner more befitting of a totalitarian banana republic than a 1st world Constitutional Republic if your ideas are just, sound and congruent with the values this country was founded upon.
But even though this is a clear sign of a frantic, defeated opponent, we still must respond to it and alter our strategy.  The bottom line is that you’re going to need to pay some money to the people you trust to deliver real news to you.  Seek out sources that are sincere, honest and that challenge your perspectives.  Don’t be like Liberals and sit in an echo chamber and cluck away with other commie hens about how smart you all are.  Find those sources and support them through paypal or Patreon.  It’s a big adjustment but there are people that put tremendous work into providing real news to their audience.  These people can’t afford to spend hours every day researching and formulating a learned perspective and not be compensated for that value they’re providing.
It’s a new mindset that may be difficult for some to accept.  But this is how we win.  Prop up the voices of truth when fascist forces like Google/Alphabet are trying to destroy them.

Apologies for the silence…

Between the Easter holiday and an illness, I haven’t had much in the tank.  We’ll get back to our regular posting schedule tomorrow starting with a big essay on the state of Trump/War/Cabinet.

Love you guys.