Caitlin Johnstone, fan of Donald Trump, nicely sums up the implications of the Julian Assange tweet I posted in my previous article:

The Entire Russian Hacking Narrative Is Invalidated In This Single Assange Tweet

This one tweet completely invalidates the notion that Robert Mueller has been conducting a legitimate investigation into the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections. Regardless of the degree of suspicion in which Assange is held, there is absolutely no excuse for the people responsible for investigating Russia not to have had any interaction of any kind whatsoever with one of the central characters in the official narrative about what Russia is supposed to have done.

If his job was to find out what actually happened last year, Mueller would have spoken with Assange personally, and he would have done so long ago. But finding out what happened last year is not Mueller’s job. Mueller’s job is to enforce a pre-existing narrative. It is painfully obvious at this point that the Senate Intelligence Committee and Mueller’s team have been avoiding Assange the way Hillary Clinton avoids personal responsibility because Assange has said multiple times that the Russian government is not the source of the DNC leaks or the Podesta emails released last year.



No interest in the truth.

Mark my words, Special Counsel Robert Mueller will accuse Trump of a crime.  The Russia-gate stuff didn’t stick, the “Trump is literally Hitler!  Literally!” stuff isn’t working, Obama wiretapped him and couldn’t find anything and the bottom line stays the same:  Donald Trump threatens to destroy what a globalist cabal has taken decades to orchestrate.

Think Mueller is interested in the truth on “Russiagate”?  Here’s just one example of why the truth has no place in his crusade:

Mueller’s investigation is nothing less than a coup attempt.  And while MSNBC and CNN were telling you two nights ago that Trump was never wiretapped, real journalists are doing real work:

Six U.S. Agencies Conspired to Illegally Wiretap Trump; British Intel Used as Front to Spy on Campaign for NSA – True Pundit

And none of it was very legal.

In fact, most of it was very illegal, according to federal law enforcement sources who are blowing the whistle on a sweeping scheme to undermine the Executive branch and the electorate’s choice for president of the United States.

And according to high ranking FBI sources, the Bureau played a definitive role in plotting this sweeping privacy breach. But the FBI had much help from the NSA, CIA, the Office of of the Director of National Intelligence, Treasury financial crimes division under DHS, and the Justice Department, federal law enforcement sources confirmed.

  • Six U.S. agencies created a stealth task force, spearhead by CIA’s Brennan, to run domestic surveillance on Trump associates and possibly Trump himself.
  • To feign ignorance and to seemingly operate within U.S. laws, the agencies freelanced the wiretapping of Trump associates to the British spy agency GCHQ.
  • The decision to insert GCHQ as a back door to eavesdrop was sparked by the denial of two FISA Court warrant applications filed by the FBI to seek wiretaps of Trump associates.
  • GCHQ did not work from London or the UK. In fact the spy agency worked from NSA’s headquarters in Fort Meade, MD with direct NSA supervision and guidance to conduct sweeping surveillance on Trump associates.
  • The illegal wiretaps were initiated months before the controversial Trump dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele.
  • The Justice Department and FBI set up the meeting at Trump Tower between Trump Jr., Manafort and Kushner with controversial Russian officials to make Trump’s associates appear compromised.
  • Following the Trump Tower sit down, GCHQ began digitally wiretapping Manafort, Trump Jr., and Kushner.

Adding insult to injury, Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions is clearly compromised.  Trump must remove him and then go on the offensive:

-Fire Mueller.  Let the braindead Left go even more apoplectic than they already are.

-Indict Clinton for exposing Special Access Program intelligence on a private, non-secure server, pay for play at the State Department and the Clinton Foundation for embezzling.

-Indict Susan Rice for illegal unmasking.

-Indict James Comey and James Clapper for perjury and the former for corruption of an FBI investigation.

-Begin putting pressure on Barack Obama for misleading the FISA court and for illegal wiretapping.

No President has ever survived by playing defense.  Trump must go on the offensive or the swamp will drain him.  It already is.

Susan Rice lied. The Obama admin spied on Trump and his colleagues.

The Media lies and applauds.

We’re in some scary territory.  We’re talking the kind of territory where the Fake News Media looks you square in the eye and tells you emphatically that the blue sky you’re looking up at is green.

That’s how bad things were last night.  Hard Bastard breaks it down:

Unsurprisingly, Trump was right:  he was wiretapped.

I (heart) Project Veritas

James O’Keefe Teases ‘Biggest Ever Media Investigation’ — Muses ‘People Will Be Fired’ – The Gateway Pundit

JAMES O’KEEFE: “In the coming weeks, you’re gonna see one of the biggest investigations this organization has ever done. It’s a continuation of American Pravda series. It’s aimed at the media. We’re going after their holy grail. We have tripled our journalists in the field. They are not even here, they are out there everyday. It’s gonna be big, it’s gonna be massive. If they think they can shut us down with this crap [lawsuit] they’re sorely mistaken. Because not only are people in the media probably going to lose their jobs and be exposed for what they are, but this [lawsuit] is going to be exposed for what it is. So stay tuned ladies and gentleman. Fireworks are coming,”

And not a moment too soon.  I’ll be posting a video later today that was released last night by the Hard Bastard channel regarding the FNM’s coverage last night of the Susan Rice/Unmasking scandal.  Multiple FNM tv networks literally looked America in the eye last night and said “The sky is not blue”.  And the saddest thing is that people will believe it.

We hit a whole new level of insanity and State-run media last night.  I’m looking forward to O’Keefe destroying them.

Inconvenient Ice

Massive Arctic Ice Gain Over The Past Five Years – Real Climate Science

The response to this data from climate scientists has been simple:  They lie about it.

Note: Articles like this are not an excuse to not give a shit about the planet.  There are very real environmental crises such as overfishing, extinction, genetic tampering by companies like Monsanto, etc etc.

What these articles are for is to prevent you from being hoodwinked by charlatans like Al Gore, Democrats in general, Neocons and carbon credit sites, all of which want to steal your liberties and money.

The Share Act

A bill just worked it’s way out of committee and will (hopefully) be heard by the House floor at the end of the month.

The Share Act does a number of things but most importantly:

  1. It prevents people from being arrested in shitty, pussified states like New York and New Jersey for having lawfully owned firearms locked in their trunk.
  2. Better access to federal lands for hunters.
  3. Ending the absurd laws around suppressors.

In the movies, suppressors are called “silencers” and they cause a gun to make a “pew pew” sound.   In reality, they turn a deafening bang into a sharp crack.    In the movies, suppressors are used exclusively by skillful hitmen, silently murdering their prey.  In reality, you have to seriously hunt to find a case of a suppressor being used in a gun crime in the last several decades.

In Europe, it’s considered rude to hunt without a suppressor on the end of your rifle barrel.    When you forget everything that Hollywood has taught you about suppressors, the ridiculous and expensive hurdles that one has to jump to obtain one look rather silly.  It’s a simple matter of muffling an extremely loud sound that will damage your ears in close proximity and annoy the hell out of you at a more distant proximity.

If you’re inclined to support this bill, there’s a form that will automatically send a pre-written letter in your name (which you can edit if you so choose) to the appropriate Congressman.


About damn time…

Trump prods State Department to stop delaying release of Clinton emails – Washington Times

Mr. Fitton said he is surprised that the Trump administration is in a court brawl with Judicial Watch.

“They are also fighting us on soliciting the Justice Department to go out and find any additional Clinton emails,” Mr. Fitton said. “The Federal Records Act requires the State Department to seek action from the Justice Department when records like this go missing.”

He said the State Department and the Director of National Intelligence are also opposing Judicial Watch’s demand that they perform a damage assessment to determine whether any secrets fell into the wrong hands.
“They say it wasn’t serious enough to warrant a damage assessment,” he said. “That’s what this administration is telling us. They are defending here. It is unbelievable. Really unbelievable. They’ve actually slowed things down during the Trump administration.”

Mr. Fitton said other officials could be implicated in sending secrets on unsecured systems.
“Institutions want to protect themselves from scandal,” he said.

Trump must continue to clear out the Obama holders from the State dept and the Department of Justice.    More importantly, Judicial Watch has done spectacular work in digging for the truth of what HRC was hiding on her private servers.  We won’t let this issue go away.