It’s going to be a REALLY good 2018.

The pieces are already moving into place here at the tail end of 2017.  The most important element to what’s coming is that this isn’t something partisan and shallow.  I have little doubt that many of the Trump haters will not be able to see future events as anything else other than partisan because they’re still trapped in the “Republicans vs. Democrats” false paradigm.  No, what I’m talking about is the potential to unshackle the people of this country from decades of an invisible, ever growing layer of control.  This is life-changing stuff for every single man, woman and child in this country.  The return of real, genuine self-determination for the people of this nation.

That being said, posts will slow down in the coming days through the new year.  There are big stories literally every single day right now, but anything that’s huge or something that I think is critically under-reported, I’ll make sure to throw up here.  I don’t think that we’re going to see really big stuff before 2018 as the Administration is going to want to make sure the public sees these events without distraction.  But you never know.

I’ll leave you with an excellent article today off of ZeroHedge.  The author shares my frustration with the absurdity of low-info voters screaming “Trump better NOT fire Mueller or there will be HELL to pay, I tells ya!”.  Mueller is doing you no favors, Trump haters.

If Libs Were Smart, They Would Push For Mueller Firing Himself Now – ZeroHedge

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s testimony to the House Intelligence Committee all but confirms that the only ‘proof’ the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller have of collusion is the discredited “Trump Dossier.”

This dossier was compiled by Christopher Steele and sold to the Clinton Campaign as opposition research by Fusion GPS. McCabe stonewalled the HIC on this matter but couldn’t point to anything in the dossier that the FBI verified to be true other than publicly-known knowledge of Carter Page visiting Moscow in 2016.

And the last time I checked (as least for now) visiting Moscow is not a crime.

Neither is what Michael Flynn did a crime either, but let’s not bring facts in to dash the hope of the terminally insane.

McCabe has to stonewall on this issue otherwise he and the rest of the FBI are guilty of acting on behalf of Hillary Clinton to assist in spying on her political opponent. Because that’s where all of this leads if people would take their ideological blinders off for five seconds and look at what we actually know as opposed to what we ‘just know to be true.’

Everyone involved in this sordid affair should be tried for espionage and treason.

Those prominent liberals running around protesting the mere thought of Donald Trump shutting down the Mueller investigation to ‘protect the sanctity of our elections’ are a bunch of simpering morons.

And I’m sick to death of the blatant and rank hypocrisy when it comes to election fraud in this country.

For this reason alone, the Mueller investigation should be shut down.

The coming year is going to be a year of glorious highs and stomach-churning, sickening revelations.  Much of the information that comes out will be metered to allow the public to adjust.  Plenty of people have already been red-pilled and they’re seeing information that confirms what they already knew.  But far more are still asleep, many of them not able to see the things that are horribly wrong due to external and internal conditioning.

But most of all, a powerful lesson will be learned.

Merry Christmas.  Happy New Year.  Love to you all.