I’ve talked about that son of a bitch….

…Andrew McCabe for over a year on this blog.  I first posted about him back on October 25th of 2016, long before McCabe was a household name.  I told you that he was an even dirtier cop than James Comey.

I didn’t know if the evidence confirming my assertion would ever become public.  This week it has.

INSURANCE POLICY: FBI’s McCabe and Strzok Concealed Damaging Hillary Clinton Evidence For Weeks Just Before the Election – True Pundit

“Looks like they were trying to run out the clock,” one FBI source said. “Couple more days and she (Hillary Clinton) might have been elected president.”

Just weeks earlier, Strzok texted about discussing an “insurance policy” in McCabe’s office to seemingly prevent President Donald Trump from ever getting elected.

Weeks after that August text, it appears McCabe and Strzok put that policy to work.

Here is what happened, per FBI sources and source Intel.

On or about Oct. 12, FBI agents from the New York field office reported to Strzok and McCabe that they found damaging emails — classified and possibly top secret — warehoused on the laptop of Anthony Weiner. Those emails were to and from Hillary and top aide Huma Abedin, also the wife of Weiner.

The Wall Street Journal’s reporting on the laptop case confirms the early October timeline divulged to True Pundit by FBI sources.

Read the whole thing.  McCabe is more ruthless than Comey and has far more dirt and blood on his hands.  McCabe didn’t answer to Comey despite Comey being above him on the org chart.

Why do you think that might be?

But here’s the big article.  Take the time to read the whole thing and see the big picture.  You’ll see how everything was quid pro quo.  Someone looks the other way, they’re magically promoted.  That is exactly how McCabe reached the level of 2nd in command of the FBI.  Every time McCabe made a case go away that could be damaging to the Clintons or their friends, McCabe was promoted.  Of course, having the CIA’s secret sponsorship doesn’t hurt one’s chances of climbing the ladder either.

INSURANCE: Hours After FBI Found Classified Hillary Emails on Weiner Laptop, Peter Strzok’s Wife Was Promoted to Director of SEC Enforcement – True Pundit