The bombshells keep coming…

Two very big stories tonight in addition to the alarming situation at the Atlanta airport.

Comey & Mueller Ignored McCabe’s Ties to Russian Crime Figures & His Reported Tampering in Russian FBI Cases, Files – True Pundit

And while both Comey and Mueller have used the unlimited resources of the United States government to try and tie President Donald Trump to Russia, the former FBI chiefs largely ignored McCabe’s associations with Russian mobsters and a Putin-linked billionaire under federal investigation by their own Bureau.

The same Russian billionaire at the center of Mueller’s recent indictment of Paul Manafort.

Incredibly, Comey put McCabe in charge of running the FBI’s Russian investigation of President Trump to find supposed election collusion by Trump and his inner circle – including family members and Gen. Mike Flynn. McCabe’s probe of Trump and its evidence, which was spearheaded by now disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok, was turned over to Mueller when he was appointed Special Counsel after Comey’s firing by Trump.

Likewise, FBI sources confirmed Mueller was aware of McCabe’s problematic Russian contacts yet still took the now-disgraced Strzok on as a lead investigator to his Special Counsel team as well as the physical and witness evidence that McCabe had amassed on the Trump probe during his investigation under Comey.

Even officials at CIA were concerned about McCabe’s Russian contacts, sources confirm.

So how could a FBI agent – let alone the deputy director of the Bureau – be permitted to lead or conduct an investigation of the president of the United States for Russian collusion when the FBI agent in question has problematic associations with shady Russians himself?

I’ve tweeted about the Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee (A very powerful position with access to extremely classified material), Adam Schiff, but haven’t talked about him on the blog in quite a while.  Schiff has been one of the most outspoken and aggressive politicians in attacking President Trump for his alleged Russian ties.  This is because Schiff has an enormous amount to lose if the Swamp is indeed drained.   The most valuable of which is his freedom.  A trap was laid for Schiff and it was sprung last week when CNN was forced to correct a report that Donald Trump Jr. received a trove of “hacked” (they were of course leaked) documents from WikiLeaks before they were released to the public, implying that Trump Jr. was “colluding” with WikiLeaks.  In reality, WikiLeaks simply pointed Trump Jr. to the documents that were already public.

CNN reported that two independent sources leaked the contents of the emails between WL and Trump Jr. to them.  The question of course is:  How is it possible that two “independent sources” both looked at a piece of correspondence and both misread the date of the email in the exact same manner?  One possibility is that CNN is simply lying, they only had one source and they’re covering the fact that they didn’t get a corroborative source on a big story.  To not get a corroborative source on a big story is a journalistic “no no”.  The other possibility is that known leakers were fed bad intel in the hopes that they would leak the information and confirm that they’re guilty of treason.  IE, the date on the emails was intentionally written incorrectly on the private copies handed to committee members in advance of interviews.

The initial story leaked to CNN literally at the same time that the House Intelligence Community was interviewing Trump Jr. over this very subject.  Schiff and at least one of his confederates is leaking classified information to CNN.

Trump Jr. Reveals the Identity of the Leaker on the House Intel Committee – D&S