Remember the A-Team?

For you younger readers, I’m not referring to the awful movie that game out a few years ago.

I’m referring to the television show from the 80’s.

They were a bunch of do-gooder mercenaries that shot lots of bullets around the feet of bad guys.  Their leader was a guy named John “Hannibal” Smith and he was played by the late, great George Peppard:

After the bad guys were routed by the A-team, Hannibal was fond of chomping on a cigar and then uttering “I love it when a plan comes together”.

I couldn’t help but think of this repeatedly over the past week.  A detailed, long-term plan is slowly coming together and the signs of its execution are everywhere.  We’ll likely see some more big signs of that success in the coming week.  But 2018 will be the key.  Expect the big picture to become far more clear.

There will be low points.  Those are assured when fighting a powerful, desperate and violent enemy.  But those low points will be eclipsed by highs that we’ve never seen in our lifetimes.

A storm is coming.