It’s time to talk about Judge Roy Moore

I haven’t talked about Moore, choosing to observe and collect data.  My opinion on Moore doesn’t really matter in light of the subject of this article but I might as well give my two cents before we get to the heart of this post.

The majority of Moore’s accusers had significant ties to the Democrats.  The yearbook “evidence” was exposed conclusively to be phony.  Establishment Republicans were eager from the beginning to destroy Moore.  I don’t ever recall seeing so many forces marshalled or money spent by both parties to stop a senate candidate.  Seeing so many establishment actors, so much money, so much phony evidence thrown at one man led me to believe that the worst Moore is likely guilty of is a bit of bad judgement.

This opinion is by no means set in stone, as new facts could change my opinion.  But after carefully looking at the evidence, my assessment is that Moore represented the potential for a terrible new trend (if you’re an Establishment puppet):  The active involvement by the electorate in primaries to remove establishment politicians for real, independents that are loyal to the Trump agenda.

So of course, Moore had to be destroyed.  It started with the courts.

-On Monday of this week, a circuit judge ordered that election officials must set the voting machines to save all digital ballot images which would preserve voting records if there was a need for a recount.  Seems reasonable, right?  Nothing partisan about it.  Just a simple ruling that the ballot images should be retained in case they’re needed.  But just hours before the election, the Alabama Supreme Court took up the case (highly unusual in that kind of time frame) immediately struck the ruling down.

-With 68% of the vote counted, Moore had an enormous lead.  53.5% to 45.1%.  Then with 71% of the votes counted, the vote suddenly shifted to 51.6% to 47%.  This is mathematically impossible.

-At one point, Jones picked up 50,000 votes while Moore picked up zero.

-Remember the first bullet point regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling?  The paper ballots were scheduled to be destroyed the morning after the election.

-Polls showed that over 70% of people in Alabama did not believe the accusations.  Alabama is a deep red state.  It’s impossible for a pro-abortion, liberal Democrat to win a senate seat, especially when it was clear that the electorate was not buying what the Deep State was shoveling their way.

Moore appears to be holding out for a recount and I’m told that Moore and the White House knew that the voter fraud in this election would be hellacious.  The Deep State is a cornered, wounded animal right now and Moore could not be allowed to win this election.  Whether Moore and the White House did prep to catch any of the voter fraud remains to be seen.  I’ve heard rumors, but nothing concrete.  Watch this story play out.  If the Trump Administration can expose the horrendous voter fraud in this election, there will be a chance to prevent it from happening across the country in 2018, when the establishment will do anything and everything to stuff Congress with corrupt Democrats who will stop the Trump agenda.  But if this is allowed to stand, the cabal that has run this country into the ground will resume control.

Voter fraud is occurring in this country at epic levels.  If you think that this is some sort of conspiracy theory, you need to fuck right off, extract your head from your ass and then get your head straight.  Anyone who doesn’t believe that elections are regularly stolen in this country isn’t arriving to that conclusion via research and critical thinking, they just don’t want to believe it’s happening.

It is.