Find this dirty cop a new secretary..

Nunes Furious Over McCabe No-Show: Sending Team To “Scrub” DOJ Docs; Preparing Subpoenas – ZeroHedge

The security director for the FBI sent over [Monday] night at 7:23 the security clearance for Mr. McCabe,” said Nunes, adding, “so it seems like everyone in the building over there … knew that Mr. McCabe was supposed to be here today. But they’re blaming a scheduling snafu … It would be a high level of incompetence for people that are normally pretty smart.”

Nunes warned that McCabe’s next no-show would result in subpoenas and a possible contempt charge.

McCabe is a traitor and a criminal.  People like him must go to jail.  We need to finally see some of the people that so corrupted this government over the last 16 years finally pay for their crimes.

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