Devin Nunes…

…is out of goddamn patience for Jeff Sessions and the “Justice” Department. (And Andrew McCabe too, but more on him later tonight).

Devin Nunes Orders Investigators to Physically Remove Outstanding Documents From DOJ – The Gateway Pundit

In an interview with newly-minted Fox News host Laura Ingraham in October, Nunes (R-CA) gave a sobering view of the Justice Department under Attorney General Jeff Sessions and James Comey’s FBI.

The California lawmaker says the Justice Department is ignoring the issue of leaks, marring investigations into scandals such as the ‘Trump Dossier,’ and ‘Russian interference,’ into the 2016 presidential election.

“Who’s lying at the FBI?,” Ingraham asked Nunes on the topic of who funded the ‘Trump dossier.’

“We don’t really know. Is it just Comey or is it the whole FBI?,” asked Nunes

Ingraham was taken aback by the response, replying with “that’s quite a charge.”

“Absolutely. This is the government out of control,” admitted Nunes.

Yes it is, beyond what 99% of the country would believe.  Which is why we’re all going to be spoon fed the truth over the course of 2018.  This is not a partisan issue.  The Establishment puppets will of course try to make it one as that is perhaps their best weapon.  But these are the groans and cries of The Swamp slowly being drained.