Sacrifice isn’t funny…

…but nothing involving Al Franken ever is.

Keep watching.  Franken was offered up as a sacrifice by the establishment to prime the public for the new plan of attack against Trump.

Remember the 3 women that came along close to election time and accused Trump of sexual harassment and then immediately disappeared a week later?  The web immediately began to research the claims and they promptly fell apart because they were either impossible or made no sense.  Women that have actually been assaulted who are brave enough to go public typically don’t disappear.  I need only point you to Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey.

Franken was forced out by the establishment, he did not want to resign.  His crimes while disgusting, are a far cry from the kind of behavior that Bill Clinton has engaged in.  Franken was forced out to prime the public for a new wave of attacks on Trump.  You’ll see women coming out of the woodwork to make accusations and the FNM will happily provide them a high platform and a loud microphone.  One woman has already been offered $200,000 to file sexual harassment charges against President Trump.

Gloria Allred will be involved and when Gloria’s around, you can bet that justice is about to be twisted into an ugly, misshapen form.  Watch this video of one of the most hilariously horrific acting jobs in the history of the stage as Allred and a woman accuse Trump of sexual harassment (Fast forward to the :24 second mark to skip the commercial or fast forward to 2:15 to immediately experience the hilarity) :


When these women begin to appear with accusations against Trump:

-Do your homework on each of them, or watch what the community finds.

-Ask yourself “Why did they wait until now”?

-Watch the establishment, mostly Democrats but some Republicans along with the FNM craft the message:  “The Democrats hold our politicians accountable.  Why won’t the Republicans?”

Long-term, you’re going to see genuine, serious charges of sexual impropriety come out on multiple members of Congress, but Democrat and Republican.  You’ll see more Dems than Republicans but there will be plenty of both.