I hope you all realize…

…that we are currently living through a period of history that will be looked back upon as the 2nd American Revolution.

That is not hyperbole.  It’s sad although not surprising that 35% of the country has been brainwashed into believing that Donald Trump is the devil himself.  But this man is leading the crusade to break this country from the shackles that hold it and its people prisoner.  Those shackles are invisible to most, but more and more are seeing them.  Trump is not alone in this crusade.  The Deep State is very real, but it is no more homogenous than it is completely evil.  There are many within the Deep State at every level who are patriots, who have bided their time, waiting for the people to put the right man in the White House.  They asked Donald Trump to be that man long before 2016, and lucky for us, he accepted.

But back to the 2nd American Revolution.  Some questions for you to ponder:

-Do you think it’s a coincidence that so many powerful people and politicians are all being brought down at the same time by their sexual improprieties being exposed?

-Do you think it’s a coincidence that so many politicians are declining to run for office next year?

-Do you think it’s a coincidence that Trump’s Department of Justice has rounded up over seven thousand pedophiles across the country this year?

-This photo is the leader of India, Narendra Modi warmly embracing Trump this summer as he departed from a visit to the White House.  Why is this photo so important?  What can you infer from the photo?  How does Huma Abedin factor into this photo?

Approximately half of the country gets their news from sources other than the FNM/Mainstream Media.  For the people following those news sources, they have had access to real information that has shown the collapse of the Trump/Russia narrative.  More importantly, the corruption within the FBI, CIA and DOJ has been exposed.  It is now clear to those Americans that corrupt agents handled the Clinton email server case and those same corrupt agents spied on the President and his colleagues.  We’re getting real classified information via FOIA with real evidence, including the names of the people that committed the crimes.  This has never, ever happened in the past.  The wealth of information showing the systemic corruption within our government over the past 16 years is nearly overwhelming in breadth and frequency.

Look at the article that led in the New York Post this morning:

The State Department’s ‘shadow government’ – NY Post

News that a top State Department official discussed a “quid pro quo” in exchange for the FBI changing the classification of a Hillary Clinton email is shocking enough. But word that the coterie of State officials who controlled the release of the emails called itself “The Shadow Government” is mind-blowing.

The latest FBI dump of documents from the investigation into Clinton’s email follies includes a summary of one agent’s talks with Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy — who, the agent said, “pressured” him to “change the classified email to unclassified.”

Kennedy “asked his assistance in altering the email’s classification in exchange for a ‘quid pro quo,’ ” the summary says. “In exchange for marking the email unclassified, State would reciprocate by allowing the FBI to place more agents in countries where they were presently forbidden.”

That’s a promise to help alter US policy in order to make it seem like Clinton hadn’t casually endangered national security. That the FBI didn’t take the deal doesn’t make the potential trade any less odious.

We have never seen information like this in the past.  Imagine seeing an article like this only a year ago.  Try, I’ll wait.  … …  See?  You can’t.  Because it wouldn’t have happened.  For decades we’ve had a corrupt establishment President working in kind with a corrupt Federal Government all being controlled by a nefarious Deep State and Shadow Government.  The tired old adage of sunlight being the best disinfectant holds true here.  There is nothing more dangerous to the Deep State and Shadow Government than the knowledge of their existence becoming common place.  Some of the people in control, real control, have occupations with literally centuries of history.  They and their ancestors have been running the show for a long time and the United States is the star of that show.  They won’t give up their star easily or cleanly.

2018 is going to be an amazing, historic year.  We might even get a bit of an advance taste of 2018 in the last few weeks of December.  There will be revelations that will astound you.  The current sexual crimes of our leaders that have become public are only a taste to prepare the public for the far more horrific crimes that will come to light.  There will be dark times as well.  Some of the revelations will be too much for some to bear.  Some will dismiss those revelations as being lies no matter how well buttressed with facts and take to the streets in violent fashion.  And the Deep State will strike back violently without a care for the welfare of you and I as we are nothing more than farm animals for them to manage.

But it will be historic.  It will be good.  Do not take these moments for granted.