Dirty cops.

We have an awful lot of them.  Mueller has always been one of the worst.

I read a poll the other day that 92% of registered Democrats believe that Trump and his advisors had “improper dealings” with Russia.  Part of me understands this a bit given that the FNM has been ringing that bell nonstop ever since Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and Robbie Mook cooked it up.  But the other, bigger part of me holds nothing but contempt for these people.  We haven’t been presented with a single piece of evidence that supports the claim of Trump/Russia collusion.  Not one.  Everything the establishment has cooked up has fallen apart when exposed to scrutiny.  So when I hear that 92% of Democrats believe in Trump/Russia collusion, it only tells me that 92% of registered Democrats have been in the most clinical sense possible, brainwashed.

Which is why it’s especially annoying that Democrats don’t see Mueller for what he is.  The establishment became so bold and consequently, so sloppy during the Obama years, it’s terribly easy to research the crimes these people have committed.  Including the crimes of Robert Mueller.  A new crime was added to the list today:

FBI Whistleblower: Mueller Lied To Senate Intelligence Committee – Big League Politics

“I used to work for the Special Surveillance Group (SSG) at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Robert Mueller was my Director. I have been wrestling with his disregard for my safety and his dishonesty with my and other coworkers’ concerns. That is why in 2008 I decided to quit the Bureau early and start my own business and get away from the corruption of certain members of the FBI management. I saw first hand how dishonest some of them could be. Since Mueller has taken over as Special Counsel, I’ve been concerned about him continuing that behavior which leads me to the following.”


Read the whole thing.  The last 1/3 in particular details the past crimes of Mueller and his prosecutorial “dream team” that he’s assembled for the Deep State’s coup d’état.

When you listen to what those who have worked with Mueller have to say, one element of Mueller’s personality comes to the forefront:  Robert Mueller believes that laws are for the little people and that he is not one of the little people.  Arrogant, corrupt and disdainful of regular people.  Men like Mueller survive because they have a cabal backing them, but they also survive because we support them.  Mueller’s past crimes are easy to find, all it takes is 10-15 minutes of research on the web.  But the Left doesn’t care.  Mueller is there to slay the bad man.  The TV tells them that the bad man needs to go away.  They don’t care to learn that Mueller is a criminal because he satisfies a very emotional need.  Consequently, criminals like Mueller don’t just survive, they thrive.