Watch for the signs…

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton gave an interview with Mother Jones where she stated that any investigation into her past dealings would be an abuse of power:

Hillary Clinton on Trump’s Election: “There are Lots of Questions about Its Legitimacy” – Mother Jones

On the very same day, the CIA-owned Washington Post published a piece by John Podesta (who is actually a regular columnist for them, I shit you not) where he argued that any investigation into Hillary Clinton would “upend 230 years of Constitutional principle”.  If you can stomach it, read the entire article.  It’s very instructive when you remember that the Clintons and the Obamas always accuse others of what they themselves have done.  They are masters at gaslighting the public.

Trump wants to upend 230 years of constitutional principle – WashPo / John “the spirit cooker” Podesta

So viewed in a vacuum, these are just two pieces by two criminals trying to take down a President.

But in reality, this is a coordinated attempt inoculate the public for the eventual indictment of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  They want to program the Hillbots into believing that any indictment or even just an investigation of Hillary Clinton is nothing more than an abuse of power by the current Administration.

There is no shortage of evidence in the public realm that support the notion that Hillary Clinton has committed serious crimes in her quest for power and money.  But it’s the tip of the iceberg.