Things that make you go “hmmm”

Although I suppose references to dumb songs from the 90’s could be included in that category as well.

But this one is more important.  Hopefully you’ve all been paying attention to the myriad articles on Donna Brazile’s statements leading up to the release of her book.  The confirmation that Clinton via the DNC rigged the primaries.  Brazile fearing for her life (for some odd reason) after Seth Rich was killed in a “botched robbery”.  And the fact that Brazile dedicated her book to Seth Rich.

Hillary Clinton Abruptly Ended Call With Donna Brazile After Plea To Find Seth Rich’s Killer – The Gateway Pundit

And yet another Brazile story that fits comfortably in this category:

Donna Brazile Reveals Wasserman Schultz Was Unusually Calm About ‘DNC Hack’ – The Gateway Pundit

On June 14 Debbie invited the Democratic Party officers to a conference call to alert us that a story about hacking the DNC that would would be published in the Washington Post the following day. That call was the first time we’d heard that there was a problem. Debbie’s tone was so casual that I had not absorbed the details, nor even thought that it was much for us to be concerned about. Her manner indicated that this hacking thing was something she had covered. But had she?