So bizarre.

Watch this quick, four minute interview with Donna Brazile on CBS This Morning, this morning.  The hosts are positively flummoxed by Brazile’s statements.  She literally contradicts almost every major statement she’s made in her book and in previous interviews.

Now the primaries weren’t rigged.  Russia hacked the DNC.  Got that?

Please don’t mistake what I say next for partisanship.  I am not a Republican, nor a member of any political party nor do I ever intend to be part of one.  I also say this with the full understanding that there really isn’t a “Democrat” or “Republican” party when 90% of the members at the federal level are corrupt and owned by the same entities.  The only real dividing lines are the roles that the politicians play on “the stage” and the dividing line between the constituents.  So, after saying all that…

There are days where I am simply dumbfounded at just how fucking stupid… No, check that.. we’ll go completely in-PC here.  Just how fucking retarded Democrat supporters are.  Like, I honest to Christ wonder if they have to think about their own respiration or if they’ll suffocate if they stop thinking about it.

It’s not even about the level of treachery that the Democrat politicians engage in, it’s the juvenile, clumsy, ham-fisted attempts at explaining them away that only the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet could ever believe.  Case in point, the video above.  But there’s so much more of it out there than just this.

There’s always going to be corruption in a big government.  That’s part of the reason why sensible people want to limit the size of government as it puts a restraint on the reach of the inherent corruption.  But befriend someone in an intel agency, and they’ll tell you that things started to get bad during the Bush Dubya administration and then with the Obama Administration, things went from bad to the goddamn Wild, Wild West.  And now the chickens are all coming home to roost.  All those scandals, dirty tricks, lies and treason are starting to come to the surface because we were able to get an outsider in as President after eight years of abject corruption and lawlessness.  The problem is that the people that voted for the criminals of the last eight years, as I mentioned above, are stupid.  Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.  And they can’t see the lying, the corruption, the treason, even when the TV metaphorically rubs their goddamn faces in it.

It’s fucking painful to watch shit like the video above and even more painful to see stupid motherfuckers online tweet about how even though Hillary secretly took over the DNC back in 2015, she like, so totally didn’t cheat Bernie out of the nomination.  These people are so fucking stupid that they don’t realize that the alternative is that Hillary and company are SO incompetent, they weren’t able to cheat Bernie even though they owned the entire process.  That’s literally the only alternative.

Fuck me these people are stupid as shit.  Fuck.