Pay attention.. what is happening in the KSA.  While it was not widely reported, Jared Kushner visited Saudi royalty one week ago on an unspecified trip.

Trump was there on Saturday and coincidentally, mass arrests began of the criminal elements of Saudi royalty.

It would be easy (but incorrect) to dismiss these events as drama occurring in a foreign country.  But it is so much more.

Yesterday, one of the princes of the Saudi royal family mysteriously died along with 7 others in a helicopter crash.  Today, another Prince was killed during a gunfight that ensued when he resisted arrest.

So what are we seeing?  Two things specifically:

  1. We are seeing the criminal elements of Saudi royalty killed or arrested that have not only undermined the Saudi throne, but who have used their money and influence to infest the United States Federal Government with bought and paid for politicians.  Those politicians become enriched both directly and indirectly due to their Saudi contacts and those Saudi “sponsors” assist them in laundering the money.  In exchange, those politicians sell out the interests of the citizenry.  Prince Bin Salman is assisting Trump in removing one of the major sources of American corruption.  I have little doubt that American Military Intelligence and Saudi Intelligence are working together to interrogate those who have been arrested.  Trump will gain enormous leverage on the enemies who are seeking to remove him from office.
  2. Big picture, this is a matter of Trump and Salman working together to remove the corrupt elements of both governments in order to get a firmer grasp on their respective “kingdoms”.  Both men are committed to leading the world into an era of open, mutually beneficial trade, prosperity and peace.  In order to do that, the corrupt, evil elements that wield so much power over the United States and Saudi governments must somehow be removed.

If we want to see peace, real peace in our time that doesn’t come at the cost of a boot on your shoulder, these two men must be allowed to stand at the forefront.

The question that everyone should be asking is if Trump will mirror Salman’s approach with mass arrests.