A storm IS coming.

A month ago, President Trump left some curious and the FNM annoyed when he stated cryptically:

“You guys know what this represents?  Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

I believe we’re seeing signs of that storm coming now.  I thought that there was a possibility that the storm might hit suddenly this weekend, hence my message last night.  I no longer believe that to be the case.  However, I do expect it to come in waves over the next 6 to 8 weeks.

It started with Paul Manafort which seems like it would be disadvantageous for Trump until you find out that Manafort worked closely with John Podesta on multiple deals with the Russians.  But the big bang will be Tony Podesta.  I strongly believe that one of the sealed DOJ indictments has his name on it.  Tony Podesta of course is the brother and business partner of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager.  The two of them also run arguably the most powerful lobbyist firm in Washington D.C.  The Podesta’s business interests closely intertwine with the Clinton’s and John in particular has been involved with Clinton’s pursuits for years.  Tony Podesta abruptly stepped down from his lobbyist firm last week.

If/when he is indicted, D.C. will be put on notice.

Now, there are other signs that I could point to regarding this storm, but the post would be pages long.  So I’m going to focus on two more signs for the remainder of this post.  One is obvious, the other a bit more complex.

The first one is obvious:  Donna Brazile’s confirmation this week that Clinton took over the DNC and rigged the primary to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.  I can’t overstate how significant it is that someone in D.C. would betray Hillary in this fashion.  Brazile would not have done this unless the Clintons are at some sort of disadvantage.  We’re also seeing multiple FNM sites and networks piling on.  The establishment is distancing itself from the Clintons.

The second is a bit more complex.  Let’s start with this tweet from two years ago from Donald Trump:

Today, Prince Alwaleed Talal was arrested on corruption charges.  Wow.  To say that Alwaleed is the Saudi version of Bill Gates would not be an incorrect comparison.  This is a man of immense wealth and power who owns many of our politicians.

I’ve written some very lengthy posts about Saudi Arabia in the past with a few of them revolving around the brilliant Mohammad bin Salman.  Saudi Arabia is the most powerful country in the ME and it’s a country that’s undergoing intense change at the moment.  There are many powerful players in SA, resulting in a bit of a split personality.  There’s the faction that Salman represents that wants prosperity and peace and there’s the faction that Salman belongs to that wants domination and chaos.  The former is winning.

Trump’s very first foreign trip as President was to Saudi Arabia.  That’s how important SA is to stability and peace in the Middle East.   Both SA and the U.S. are now led by honorable men.  This union is capable of historic world change if the two are able to assume full control over their respective governments and excise the cancers that exist in both of them.

Trump gave a speech when he landed in Saudi Arabia on that first foreign trip,  and you can read the full text here.  Most people in this country will never read it, even his supporters.  But this will go down as one of the most important speeches Trump will ever give during his Presidency.

Back to the present day.  The energy production boom here in the United States has had a dramatic (and negative) impact on Saudi Arabia’s economy;  An economy that was based almost exclusively on petrochemical production and refinement.  Trump knows that a strong Saudi Arabia is critical to his plans of genuinely achieving peace in the Middle East.  The Middle East is different from everywhere else in the world.  It is not a collection of nation states and borders, it is a collection of tribes separated by religion and powerful families.  Trump knows this.  He also knows that trade and mutual profit is a tremendously uplifting force.

And so Trump made a deal today.  The Great 23 year old Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman has been working overtime to re-engineer the SA economy into a diverse, dynamic one that still provides all the opportunities that Saudi’s are accustomed to, but that does not rely on oil.  And so Trump greatly assisted with that goal today by agreeing to allow SA to list their national oil company, Aramco on the New York Stock Exchange.  Ignore the bleating of idiots such as these.  You will see numerous attacks on this deal because those who control the fake news media understand what Trump’s deal with Salman is all about.  Trump gave Salman the opportunity for economic growth in exchange for Saudi Arabia’s culling of the key players involved in corruption and money laundering for a powerful few within the United States Government.  So when Trump tweeted this:

it was a message to SA that they’ve lived up to their part of the bargain, and now he will do the same in turn.  Donald Trump posted that tweet at nearly the exact time that it was announced that Talal and others were arrested.

So why is this information relevant?  I’ll give you some hints:

-The Podestas earn massive amounts of money lobbying for elements of the Saudi government.

-The Clintons’ millions.   The Clintons have “earned” $230 million dollars from books and speaking fees since they both left office.  Yet their federal filings claim that their combined net worth is somewhere between $11 and $53 million.  Ten billion dollars was given to the Clinton Foundation for the devastation in Haiti.  Only 2-3% made it there.  Where did the rest go?

Read this article on Forbes from a couple years ago.

The bottom line is that Trump just cut a deal with Saudi Arabia that resulted in the mass arrest of the people that assist the most corrupt elements of the United States Government in hiding their ill-gotten gains.

A storm is most definitely coming.