Not only did HRC and the Obama Administration do illegal, backroom deals with Russia to enrich themselves and weaken America’s nuclear position, they illegally removed red tape for the Russians.  Specifically, they allowed Russia to export yellowcake uranium without requiring an export license and the inherent oversight:

I realize that this story is a bit complicated and as far as scandals go, not very sexy and not easy to wrap one’s head around quickly.  But this is an enormous scandal.  Barack Obama illegally allowed Russia so snap up %20 of the uranium the United States had access to and in return, $145 million dollars poured into the Clinton Foundation.  They sold out American interests to enrich themselves AND they had James Comey, head of the FBI quash an elaborate, year-long investigation that had ensnared ten Russian spies involved in the deal.  Spies that Hillary Clinton worked quietly at the State Department to send back to Moscow as quickly as possible before they could be put on trial or turned into double-agents by the FBI (more on this story here).

But the worst part is that after all of this treasonous behavior, they accuse Trump of collaborating with the Russians.

The Clintons and Obama always accuse others of what they themselves do.  Every time.  And they are frighteningly effective at it due to a large portion of the populace that is no longer concerned about gathering facts or doing critical-thinking.