This event perfectly defines…

…the culture that Liberalism has created.

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Removed From Mississippi School District Curriculum – USA Today

But as in most cases, it’s not the “what” that’s important, it’s the “why”.  So why was this literary mainstay removed from the state’s curriculum?

“Pulitzer Prize winning novel was pulled from Biloxi classrooms because it makes people uncomfortable”

I’m no literary genius but if one were to condense all of the themes and motivations in Harper Lee’s classic, it would be to make the reader feel a sense of discomfort.

But this is the world that’s been created and embraced by some.  A world with no discomfort, a world were complex themes and situations are crudely simplified or dismissed.  A world focused on avoiding the excruciating pain of deep reflection.  And a world focused on directing all of one’s rage and desire to control upon those who chose to eschew their fantasy land for the real world.