The mayor of San Juan, PR has blood on her hands.

While the majority of Puerto Rican officials have offered nothing but praise for the Trump Administration’s assistance to their little socialist paradise, Carmen Yulin Cruz has used the disaster as a platform to rail against the President.  She also apparently has her own silk screening machine, as this woman has a new anti-Trump logo on her t-shirt with every interview.

Her best moment was when she complained that there was no aid while standing in front of hundreds of crates of aid.

Whether this woman is a puppet of establishment Democrats or yet another left-wing zombie probably doesn’t matter much.  What does matter is that it appears she’s actively murdering people by refusing to distribute aid to her area of the island (turn on closed captioning for translation:

“I need to pass this information out because the stuff that is being brought from the U.S. is not being distributed, they are not allowing the Puerto Rican people to receive the donations.  The mayor, Carmen Yulin is not allowing anyone to distribute.  What us Puerto Ricans need is that the U.S. armed forces to come in and distribute the aid.  And that they stop the Governor, Rosello and the mayor Yulin from continue on doing what they are doing.  It is abuse, it looks like communism on our own island (sobbing).”