A quick thought about conspiracies..

There’s a very important takeaway from the Harvey Weinstein scandal.  Specifically, this scandal is black and white proof that a secret can stay a secret even when thousands of people know about it.

Remember that the next time you dismiss a scandal or esoteric conspiracy theory out of hand because “If it was true, we would have leaked out by now.”

Harvey Weinstein’s behavior was not even a closely guarded secret.  Hell, I was at a wedding in August and met someone who works in Hollywood that told me about Weinstein’s behavior.  And this person was a low-level employee at Miramax years ago.

Imagine what can be kept secret from the general public when those entrusted with something confidential have to sign their lives away if they reveal what they know.  Would you confess a secret for the benefit of mankind when the consequences at best are your pension disappearing and your name slandered, at worst you’re jailed or killed?

I didn’t think so.