Prepare for disappointment.

54 years later after John Kennedy’s tragic death, thousands of classified documents relating to his death and the conspiracy surrounding it are due to be released, pending the President’s blessing.

Years back, I went through a phase where I was burning through JFK Assassination books.  I was of course familiar with the details and the general arguments regarding a conspiracy since I was a young boy, but until I spent serious time researching the subject, I didn’t understand the weight of JFK’s death on this country.  The event itself was shocking and horrific, but it was the years following that death that extinguished the image of a light on a hill that many American’s once held in their mind’s eye when reflecting on America.

Until last year, John F. Kennedy was the last President we had that was independent and uncontrolled.  There was a spirit that came with that independence that’s difficult to articulate to those who haven’t spent time studying the era.  Kennedy was unique, both in his pedigree and temperament, and millions loved him for it.  He was shot like a dog in the street by a few who didn’t share that affection.

Many of the generation that witnessed Kennedy’s death never believed the official story.  Imagine carrying that feeling around with you as the years progressed.   America wasn’t what they thought it was.  How can it be when men of means and insidious intent can murder a President when he becomes inconvenient?

Years have gone by and with them, numerous conspiracies.  Some have been well supported, some not so much.   With each passing year, the number of people clamoring for answers shrinks as a generation dies and a new one replaces it.  But finally, there’s the possibility of new, genuine information with the declassification and release of these JFK documents.  There’s even an informal group of Congressmen from both parties who are urging the President to give his approval to declassifying these documents:

Lawmakers ask Trump not to block release of JFK assassination documents before deadline – Washington Examiner

But ask yourselves:  In a time where the most informed members of the populace have no trust whatsoever in the Federal Government or its institutions, do you really think the Intelligence Agencies that currently curate these documents are going to declassify anything that points an accusatory finger at the conspirators that likely were within the very government that Kennedy presided over?  One of the most likely conspirators was Lyndon Johnson based on evidence and motive.  Do you honestly believe that the CIA or the FBI would allow any documents implicating him to become public knowledge at a time where intelligent, informed people are ready to tear down the Federal Government and start over?

No, I don’t think so.

This will very likely be a non-event regardless of what Trump does.