Seth Rich (and sorry)

Sorry for the lack of posts, travelling for work last week.  Catching up on the big items that occurred that I didn’t have time to post about.

Here’s one of those big items:

DOJ Orders Release of Seth Rich Records – WND

But Clevenger appealed. And on Tuesday, Sean R. O’Neil, the chief of administrative appeals at DOJ’s Office of Information Policy, directed the executive office for U.S. attorneys to search for and produce any records covered in Clevenger’s FOIA request.

“You appealed from the action of the Executive Officer for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) on your Freedom of Information Act request for access to records located in the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia concerning Seth Conrad Rich,” O’Neil wrote in a letter to Clevenger.

“After carefully considering your appeal, and as a result of discussions between EOUSA personnel and this office, I am remanding your request to EOUSA for a search for responsive records. If EOUSA locates releasable records, it will send them to you directly, subject to applicable fees,” the letter continues.

Clevenger said the effort to hide information about the Rich investigation prompted him to cull information from the government about the mysterious murder.

“I don’t really have a strong opinion about exactly what happened to Rich, but it just seemed there was so much of an effort to conceal information – that alone made me suspicious,” he told WND on Wednesday. “I’m a former reporter, a former cop – deputy sheriff in Texas – and currently a lawyer. Any time somebody hides information, that makes me suspicious.

“I understand in an investigative murder there is evidence that, for strategic reasons, you want to keep under wraps,” he continued. “But in this case, there’s just a lot of questions that could be answered – a coroner’s report, basic information. The rigid official narrative, that it was a robbery and that’s that – no further discussion – that’s suspicious.”

Another attorney, Jack Burkman, has organized the Profiling Project, a Washington, D.C.-based team of forensic psychology graduate students and instructors, to find Rich’s killers. In addition, he has launched a nationwide TV campaign pleading for the public’s help in cracking the Rich case.

Interesting that these two men are doing more to find Seth Rich’s killer than the DNC is.  Now to see if the DOJ’s demand is honored by the FBI.  Legally the FBI must comply, but a grossly under-reported element of the news in the past year is the fact that our intelligence agencies are simply (and alarmingly) refusing to comply with legal demands.  This cannot continue.