It appears…

…that after having 24 hours to chew on the horrific events in Las Vegas, a lot of people are arriving to the same conclusion that I came to in my post last night.  Something stinks.  Something does not smell right with the narrative we’re being provided as to the events of the shooting outside the Mandalay Bay hotel.

I have spent hours tonight reading articles and watching videos that analyze the events and the many incongruities of the official narrative.  I’ve compiled so much information that I have not had time to condense it into a post as of yet.  However, a very high profile talk show host, Michael Savage addressed this topic today on the radio and he mentions a few of the items in the list I’m currently compiling.

Something is not right here.  Keep your ears and eyes open.  Verify everything and do not trust anything the FBI is saying.  The shooter’s profile in no way matches that of a mass murderer.  Also note that just like the Scalise shooting and the Orlando Nightclub shooting, gun legislation was currently in Congress and today, as a response to the Vegas shooting, shit-bag Paul Ryan dropped the gun suppressor bill.

UPDATE:  Trey Gowdy finds it difficult to believe that only one person was behind the shooting.  Gowdy states that it’s extremely difficult to believe that something so detailed was planned without anyone else conspiring with the shooter.  In a far more direct sense, I find it unlikely that there was only a single shooter.   The audio of some of the cell phone video clips taken at the massacre clearly sound as if there are multiple full auto rifles firing simultaneously.  

On a related note, the FBI was attempting to “approve” of any cell phone videos taken away from the scene by the survivors.  This is highly suspicious.  There were also dozens of videos posted on YouTube right after the shooting that were promptly deleted by YouTube.

The FBI’s behavior has been odd on many levels.  More on this in the coming days.