Our fragile Democracy.

Rachel Maddow, nice young man that he is was very, very upset a few weeks ago about those darn Russians buying ads on Facebook!  Can you believe this?

Oh wait, they have Facebook in Russia.  Oh wait, there’s nothing illegal about Russia buying ads.  Rachel, nice guy that he is, doesn’t think to mention this.

So now the contents of the ads are leaking.

Leaked Descriptions Of Infamous “Russia Ads” Derail Collusion Narrative “They Showed Support For Clinton” – ZeroHedge

Who knew that our Democracy was so fragile that a hundred grand worth of web ads could alter the course of history.

The reality is that Trump won in an electoral landslide and if it weren’t for multiple states being stolen by now proven illegal voting, it would have been an overwhelming electoral and popular defeat for Hillary Clinton.    This was disappointing to the Kremlin because why would they want the wild card (Trump) instead of the bitch they already owned?