MSNBC Admits Media Covers Trump Tweets Instead Of His Actual Policy Victories – Daily Caller

Honestly, even supporters of this President aren’t aware of many of his accomplishments.  So many of the websites dedicated to reporting actual news have been on the defensive and consequently allocating their resources to deconstruct all of the attacks on the man.

Trump has quietly done absolutely brilliant work with the Chinese.  His low-key work with the military to actually kill terrorist groups (rather than fund them like previous Presidents) has been even less noticed and reported.

From the article:

MSNBC host Ali Velshi said Friday that the media will not talk about President Trump’s recent policy successes on North Korea “because there’s a tweet.”

Daily Beast columnist Gordon Chang appeared as a guest on “MSNBC Live,” declaring that “Trump had a very good day yesterday with the sanctions.”

“He got the Chinese, for instance, to order banks not to do business with North Korea. This is a critical story, and yet we don’t talk about it as much because of this tweet,” Chang continued.

Velshi agreed.