When a corporation says they’re going to fight fake news…

…realize that this is nothing more than a fancy way of saying “censorship”.

Mozilla rolls out new initiative to fight ‘fake news’ – Washington Examiner

Firefox is joining George Soros’ Orwellian fight against free speech on the web.  Stop using Firefox if you’re currently using it.  God help you if you’re using Chrome for anything important because Google is literally using their browser to gather data on everything you do on your computer.  Microsoft Edge differs little in this regard.

I understand that for certain websites, especially if they’re related to your profession, you may not have a choice.  But there are good open-source browsers available for free that are fast, secure and offer far more privacy than what you’ll have with the “Big 3”.

Opera, Pale Fox, Water Fox and Tor are all worth checking out.  I’m currently testing Water Fox on my laptop and I’m very impressed so far.  And amazingly, they don’t send any of your metadata to Mozilla or anyone else.