These are the times….

…that seem to cause damn near everyone to revert into cavemen and run to their tribe.

A war between White Nationalists, Antifa and BLM broke out today during a rally held by the first group in Charlottsville, Virginia.

The Fake News Media, Democrats and NeverTrumpers are all critizing Trump and doing their best to impregnate the minds of Leftists that the white nationalists in Charlottsville today represent all Trump supporters.

Trump’s supporters are responding by flooding Twitter with frustrated tweets that remind everyone that Antifa and BLM were every bit as responsible for the violence, while condemning the White Nationalists.

Some general thoughts on this whole “to do”:

-The Police held back until there was a goddamn battle royale going between the white nationalists and BLM/Antifa. Their reason was that they didn’t go in until they were ordered to. Isolated violence was occurring all day. I didn’t realize police officers needed to be ordered to intervene when violence was occurring.

-Anyone claiming that the violence was all done by one side or neglecting to mention all of the elitist groups involved in this mess is a lying piece of shit with an agenda. All political violence is wrong and reprehensible. Period. Anyone making excuses for any one of these groups is someone you should be extremely wary of.

-When the smoke clears, some good independent reporters are going to do genuine investigative work and they’re going to find Soros money flowing to both sides of this riot.

-6 weeks ago Trump supporters organized a Rally For Peace to disavow all political violence at the D.C. Capital. CNN was invited to cover it and refused.

-The FNM and Politicians will use this event to try and curb 1st Amendment rights.

-Not a single politician criticizing Trump gives one GOD DAMN about the woman that died. If you think otherwise, you’re a fool.

-Trump is being critcized for not explicitly denouncing Nazis. Ergo, he IS a Nazi. I have seen some form of this statement about a thousand times today. Because these kinds of statements are somehow sympathetic to Nazis:

-This entire event is nothing more than two elitist, extremist groups obsessed with race and identity politics beating the shit out of one another. Nothing more.