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A New Report Raises Big Questions About Last Year’s DNC Hack – Former NSA experts say it wasn’t a hack at all, but a leak—an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system. – The Nation

It is now a year since the Democratic National Committee’s mail system was compromised—a year since events in the spring and early summer of 2016 were identified as remote hacks and, in short order, attributed to Russians acting in behalf of Donald Trump. A great edifice has been erected during this time. President Trump, members of his family, and numerous people around him stand accused of various corruptions and extensive collusion with Russians. Half a dozen simultaneous investigations proceed into these matters. Last week news broke that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had convened a grand jury, which issued its first subpoenas on August 3. Allegations of treason are common; prominent political figures and many media cultivate a case for impeachment.

The president’s ability to conduct foreign policy, notably but not only with regard to Russia, is now crippled. Forced into a corner and having no choice, Trump just signed legislation imposing severe new sanctions on Russia and European companies working with it on pipeline projects vital to Russia’s energy sector. Striking this close to the core of another nation’s economy is customarily considered an act of war, we must not forget.

They are accusing Trump of doing exactly what they did.  Gaslighting.

As an aside, this article points out a tragic consequence of the credulous, useful idiots that buy into the Trump/Russia nonsense because of their inability to accept the election:  It pushes us closer to war with a nuclear superpower.  But these fucking morons live in their own little bubble where self-righteousness is currency and there are no consequences when the fellow idiot next to you knowingly nods their head in approval as you mention an article you saw on CNN that states Trump consumes a live puppy every night.

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