Is it me or does the whole build up to a confrontation with North Korea feel suspiciously similar to the pre-Iraq war build up?

Be highly incredulous of the news right now in regards to the threat that the DPRK allegedly presents.  I’m not throwing Trump under the bus here.  If the threat is as exaggerated as I think it may be, it’s highly possible if not probable that Trump is none the wiser.  All he has to go by is what the intelligence agencies and his National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, a known Soros associate, are telling him.

Polls show an alarmingly large number of Americans are open to the idea of nuking North Korea.  Do human beings really have such short memories?  Do we want to be the only country on earth to use nuclear weapons in multiple engagements?

I won’t bore you all with a break down of the tactical realities of a military strike on North Korea, let alone a nuclear one.  Seoul, South Korea is 20 miles from a border that is literally lined with long range artillery.  Any engagement is going to mean the destruction of Seoul.  To make matters worse, the South Koreans have zero stomach for conflict and are woefully unprepared for one.

The only possibilities here are diplomacy or a miracle special forces strike that decapitates the DPRK’s leadership surgically.  To Trump’s credit, he has done more and gotten further with diplomacy on this issue than any President before him.  But more is required.