Something strange…

…is happening in Denver.

But before that I should mention that in the past, I’ve veered off a bit from politics into more of an “esoteric conspiracy” category on rare occasion.  Part of this is just out of my own selfish interest, but part of it is you, the audience.  I figure that anyone who reads this blog with regularity is someone who is committed to thinking openly and logically, without prejudices like political tribalism.  I’ve been fortunate enough to cultivate friendships with some people that have access to information on topics that can only be speculated about among “civilians”.  And it bothers me that we live in a society that has so successfully programmed people to make assumptions and disregard information without assessment because that information is “conspiracy theory”.

The Presidency of Donald Trump has brought the term “deep state” into common parlance.   The people of this country now know at a minimum that there are unelected elements of our government who are working at cross-purposes to some of the elected elements.  We know that they work in secret.  We know that they’re powerful.  And taken to a logical conclusion, we know that they work for someone, or someones.  For those who dig a little deeper, we know that there’s a paper trail a mile long of data and subjects that the deep state has worked to hide from the American people for decades.  And let’s also remember that the “conspiracy theorists” are batting close to a thousand the past few years.  So let’s all continue to be skeptical, but let’s also keep our minds open to the things we’re told to ignore without analysis.  There are many conspiracy theories about the topic I’m about to mention, and I’d ask that you do not jump on any of them.  What I am asking is that you look at the data and acknowledge that something very strange is happening.

As an example, there are endless conspiracy theories about the assassination of John Kennedy.  I don’t know if any of them are true, as most are not remotely provable.  But what I DO know is that there is a wealth of evidence that the Warren Commission’s report of the events leading up to JFK’s death could not possibly be correct and that JFK’s assassination was the result of a conspiracy and not a lone wolf.  There’s a middle ground between “oh that’s just a conspiracy theory, ignore it”  and “I know exactly what happened!”.  It’s the acknowledgement of an obvious incongruity between the information at hand and what the government is telling us.  When we as a citizenry can find that middle ground, we might finally be able to get some honesty from our government.

Alright, on to the topic at hand.

The Denver Airport is a very strange place.  The next time you’re at the Denver airport, I’d ask that you take some time and really explore the place.  If you do, you will find murals and sculpture that are disturbing and completely inappropriate for a public terminal.  This article has a dozen or so photos, but there are FAR more disturbing sculptures and murals in addition to the ones in the link.

While the macabre décor is the most obvious sign that something is not right at the Denver Airport, there are some historical items that are unusual as well.

-The Denver Airport was commissioned in 1989 with a budget of 1.7 billion dollars.

-The building of the airport was controversial at the time because Denver already had an airport only six miles away in Stapleton.  The airport in Stapleton was perfectly functional with room to expand.

-Nonetheless, the Denver Airport was built.  But it was completed two years late and at a cost of 4.8 billion dollars.  That’s 3.1 billion dollars over budget.

The Denver Airport was privately funded by the “New World Airport Commission”

To this day, nobody knows who the “New World Airport Commission” is.

Now the Denver City council is looking to approve a 1.8 billion dollar renovation plan for the Denver Airport.  Stranger still, $45 million dollars have been set aside for rapid hiring as the project is considered an “expansion blitz”, meaning that they want to perform these renovations extremely quickly.  Why?

$1.8 billion dollars seems like an extraordinarily large expenditure on an already modern airport that has plenty of capacity for the current level of air travel through Denver.  And why the rush?  Utah is renovating Salt Lake City International airport for approximately $2 billion dollars but their expansion is far larger, not to mention they have an actual need for the expansion.  Very, very strange.

There are no shortage of conspiracy theories in regards to the Denver airport.  The theories span from the tame (There’s a secret runway buried under a few inches of dirt) to the extreme (Reptilian aliens have an underground base below the airport).  I don’t care about any of them because there’s no direct evidence for any of them.  But the facts we do know about Denver International are worth caring about.  This is an airport built under mysterious circumstances by shadowy benefactors and contains art that no sane person would ever put in a public building.  And now they want to spend money on renovating it in an amount that matches the site’s original planned cost.

Asking questions does not equal believing in evil reptilian overlords.