Scandals…. and a note.

Going to be slim posting this week due to a very crazy and intense work schedule.  My apologies.  I’ll try to sneak something in when I can but this may be my last post for the week.  Thank you to all of you who come back here day after day.

I love you.  And I say that in the most romantic, most sexually-charged way possible.

And now the scandals:

Russia, Bribes & Sex: 19 MASSIVE Democrat Scandals the MSM Is Covering Up – Daily Wire

If these were Republican scandals, they would consume the news cycle.

Michael Sainato of The Observer has done a superb job of accumulating all the scandals currently roiling the Democrat Party. Well, not really roiling, because as we all know our objective, unbiased, and not-at-all-leftwing media is covering up every single one of these jaw-dropping scandals. Smothering them to death. Burying them. In other words, thanks to our media, Democrats, the true Russian colluders (more on this below) are getting away with everything but murder.