Watch who they criticize…

….and more importantly, who they don’t.

Kelly Anne Conway, Steve Bannon, they both get regularly skewered by the Media.  Reince Priebus skated by without a scratch.  Of course, he was exposed and was fired today.  But there’s a much bigger name with an extraordinarily important job who gets little to no notice from the Fake News Media.  He’s also the most powerful and dangerous Deep State operative in the White House.

H.R. McMaster.

This man is dangerous. He’s continually pushing for war, he is allowing a criminal in David Petraeus access to classified intel (some say that Petraeus is actually running the NSC by proxy, as McMaster is an acolyte of his) and he is preventing the removal of Obama-era holdovers within the National Security Council staff.


Derek Harvey was the key figure when it came to the Middle East. He was against the Iran Deal and the funding of Palestinian Authority terror. He called out Islamic Jihad. He tried to force out the Obama holdovers running our foreign policy.

And now he’s gone.

McMaster’s purge at the NSC continues. Flynn’s people get forced out and replaced with establishment zombies. The Obama holdovers continue to run foreign policy. The swamp is now in full control of the NSC.

This one is a really big win for McMaster. And a great loss for America. It will set back our ability to fight Islamic terrorism. Iran, Al Qaeda and the Palestinian Authority are celebrating today.

President Trump can reverse his decision. Just as he overruled McMaster’s bid to replace Ezra Watnick-Cohen, the guy who outed the Obama spying on Trump’s people, with the woman who drafted the Benghazi talking points. Not to mention Mattis’ plan to bring in Hillary’s Secretary of Defense and the Muslim Broptherhood’s favorite woman.

But Mattis and McMaster have forced out Derek Harvey. And it’s up to President Trump to act. Or to let the McMaster-Mattis swamp control his foreign policy. And make sure it’s Jeb Bush’s foreign policy.

McMaster must be fired, President Trump.