A nation in crisis… but hope too.

So we’re going to do the bad news first.

As I’ve tried to stress in the past, people must get out of the Democrats vs. Republicans narrative.  Difficult I know when the Democrat party is utterly corrupt from top to bottom.  But the real narrative is the establishment vs. you (and Trump).  As we all know, James Comey’s best buddy and long-time Clinton ally, Robert Mueller and his cadre of Democrat lawyers are investigating Trump on “collusion with Russia”.   I probably don’t need to remind anyone of the absurdity of this investigation.  What’s important here is that the treasonous Wisconsin shit bag, Paul Ryan never misses a chance to shove a knife into Trump’s back:  Paul Ryan:  Robert Mueller “anything but a partisan”.  He says this despite the most cursory of research reveals that Mueller has a decades old relationship with Comey and the Clintons and that his entire team of lawyers were against Trump.   But it gets worse…

John Brennan, the former Director of the CIA and the man who looked Congress and the American people right in the eye and lied is priming the public for a coup d’état.  Donald Trump has full constitutional and legal authority to fire Robert Mueller.  “They” don’t want the public to know that.  Which is why Brennan tossed a poison pill at Trump:

I think it’s the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry that out. I would just hope that this is not going to be a partisan issue. That Republicans, Democrats are going to see that the future of this government is at stake and something needs to be done for the good of the future.

Mr. Brennan, this is exclusively a partisan issue.  But you already know that.  It’s fascinating that a felon like Brennan has a problem with the idea of Trump killing a witch hunt, but he made no such demands when Barack Obama weaponized the IRS, or told border patrol agents to no longer follow the law or told the DEA to stop intercepting cocaine shipments at the border or to send hundreds of millions of dollars in bribe money to the Iranians, or encourage voter fraud or delivering weapons to Mexican drug cartels or send arms to terrorists under the obscene premise of assisting “rebels”.   But those who still froth at the mouth for Trump to be removed don’t want to know these things, and Brennan knows it.

Speaking of “frothing at the mouth”, now the good news.

Don’t fret.  It’s difficult not to when you see a President who is the single greatest threat to the power monopoly of the Deep State, being seemingly buried by that entity.  But this was always going to be the case.  If Trump was what I told he was, he was going to be attacked the moment he took office and those attacks would continue every single day until his 8 years were up.  This is verification that he’s the real deal.

Now, I have been remiss in not writing an article about Attorney General Jeff Sessions (and I will).  Jeff Sessions is toast.  Trump will be firing him soon and replace him with someone honorable.  The Media will ooh and ahh over firings in the Trump admin, but expect more of this.  Trump will treat the Executive Branch like a business.  He’ll bring in good people, if they don’t work out or prove themselves not to be good people, they’ll be fired and replaced.

Trump is baiting the Democrats.  Look at the news.  Look at the people on the street, frothing at the mouth, both middle fingers up in the air, screaming obscenities.  This is the caricature that’s being painted of Trump’s detractors.  With every tweet, with every brutal attack of his own, they only get crazier.  These idiots turn off “normal” voters but they embolden Democrat politicians to say even crazier things.  Just in the last couple of weeks, Dem politicians and pundits have said some of the angriest, foulest, most unprofessional words I’ve ever heard from alleged “professionals”.  Trump is under their skin and he knows it.

Yes, I understand that people are impatient.  We’ve had unequivocal evidence that the Obama Admin broke the law with wiretapping.  Susan Rice illegally unmasked members of Trump’s team to the intelligence community.  Hillary Clinton and her myriad crimes.  Trump’s supporters see this and ask “Why are there not charges?”.  This is understandable.  Sessions is clearly compromised.  But more importantly, it’s only six months, folks.  Even Trump himself said that it was going to take two years to clean out enough muck where he could start making progress.  Remember, he’s not up against just the Obama holdovers, he’s up against the entire American political system.  Both elected and appointed.

He is fearless and brilliant.  He is driving his opponents crazy by design.  Give him time.  Before his first term is over, you’re going to see things you’d never thought possible.  Good things.