They didn’t fail to get rid of Obamacare…

…They succeeded in saving it.  

There’s been stories everywhere about the failure of the Republicans to repeal and replace the ACA/Obamacare.  A couple are even semi-insightful.

But the real story is missed.  The Republicans repealed Obamacare seven times during Barry’s 8 long-ass years in office.  Those repeals were all vetoed of course but regardless, they were able to get their shit together and reach a majority 7 times.  Now that it counts, they can’t do it.  It’s almost as if *gasp* most of them don’t actually want to get rid of Obamacare.

For starters, the replacement “healthcare plan” was absolute shit.  10 out of the 12 major Obamacare regulations were kept in this bill.  It allowed an utterly unsustainable expansion of Medicaid that went well beyond the poor and disabled.  More importantly, it embodied (just as the ACA did) the dangerous idea that insurance should be subsidized by taxpayers for everyone and if the insurance companies aren’t making money with this private/government chimera, then we just funnel $200 billion dollars to bailout the insurance companies.  That’s right, just like the ACA, the Republican replacement plan had the same bailout mechanism.  If the insurance companies aren’t making money, they get straight cash from the federal treasury.  No incentive to improve their business or increase their efficiency, they get paid no matter what.  This is why you’ve probably heard some independent media entities state that “the ACA was written by the insurance companies”.   It literally was using lots and lots of money and lobbyists.  It’s also why the ACA wasn’t repealed.

The real story here is that Obamacare wasn’t repealed because Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell didn’t want it repealed.  McConnell shaped the bill to be unpalatable to the slim Republican majority in the Senate and Paul Ryan did the same thing in the House.  Both men a treacherous, traitorous shit bags who sold their souls to attain power.    And now they’re paying the piper by doing the bidding of those same healthcare companies.  They care nothing for the American people and they resent Trump because he does.  It’s why Ryan never hesitates to attack Trump.

It’s also why we need to recognize what’s happening here and donate our time and money to get them both out of office.  Paul Ryan had a challenger in the 2016 primary named Paul Nehlen.  He made strong inroads in Ryan’s district but was unable to unseat him.  He’s challenging Ryan again in 2018 and given Ryan’s pathetic job performance, even the trogs that populate the great state of Wisconsin are starting to take notice.   I donated to Nehlen’s candidacy last year and I will again next year.  You should too.

This bill affects every single person in this country.  Nobody can hide from it and claim it doesn’t affect them.  Trump is pressuring Congress to just repeal the damn law with no replacement and once that’s done, both party’s can focus on putting together a new bill.  I like this plan because it gets rid of a terrible and unconstitutional piece of legislation that should never have been enacted AND the likelihood of either party getting a replacement passed is low.  So get involved.  GET ON TWITTER.  You can pressure and heckle Mitch McConnell directly and they DO pay attention because they have to.

Trump can’t do it alone.  He needs his constituents to get in the face of shit bags like Ryan and McConnell and scream.