Get ready folks…

Clinton Donors Have Picked Their 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee – MSN

What they really mean is that the Establishment has picked their 2020 Democrat nominee.  Unsurprisingly, it’s a mistake for them to choose Harris.  She has all the qualities the DNC wants from a PC/SJW/Virtue Signaling perspective but little else.  She has financial skeletons in the closet and Trump will figuratively grab her by the pussy in a debate.  It will not be pretty if Harris really does get the nomination in 2020.  My guess is that enough Democrats have woken up (after the DNC stole the nomination from Bernie) that a sizeable group will fight Harris being crowned before the voting even starts.

Of course, the DNC may look very different by 2019 depending on how they do in court.   Speaking of which, there’s been some news on the DNC lawsuit this past week that I’ll get to shortly.