Believe it or not…

… I want the Democrat party to be healthy.  Hopefully it’s come across clearly to anyone who has read this blog over the years that I’m by no means a Republican and that’s not just because they’re a fundamentally corrupt party.  Not to the degree of corruption that currently engulfs the Democrat party, but corrupt nonetheless.  Socially speaking, I really don’t care what anyone does as long as they’re not hurting someone else.  I suppose “classical liberal” is the best label for me, although I dislike labels.

But my desire for a healthy Democrat party is less about what I believe and more about the good of the country.  Two voices aren’t enough but two is better than one.  There needs to be honest dialogue and honest conflict as long as that conflict is engaged with words.  That dialogue is difficult enough when the majority of both party members are either bought or leveraged by the same groups.  Even more difficult when there is a rot consuming the Democrats.  One major part of that rot is Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Despite her electoral failures, despite an FBI Director admitting that she engaged in multiple felonies (before letting her off due to lack of perceived “intent”), despite returning an entire country to the 3rd world (Libya), and despite many, many heinous crimes that are whispered about in D.C. but may never become part of the public consciousness, she is still a kingmaker.

I don’t think very highly of Kamala Harris.  Frankly, I’ve seen very little to support the legend of her amazing intellect.  When faced with a challenge, she tends to shy away rather than see it as an opportunity.  One such failure was very recent.  She’s also very willing to leverage the current social climate by feigning outrage at being interrupted during her grilling of Jeff Sessions.  Never mind the fact that it was her who wouldn’t allow anyone to finish their answer.  But despite my criticism, she is a new voice on the national scene which is usually a good thing and the DNC has high hopes for her.   I have little doubt that at least some in the “establishment” see her as the challenger to President Trump in 2020.

And despite the dark stain that Hillary Clinton has left on American politics, or perhaps because of it, Kamala Harris had to travel to the Hamptons this weekend and kiss the ring.

2020 Watch: Dems’ ‘Rising Star’ Sen. Kamala Harris Meeting With Hillary Clinton’s Inner Circle in The Hamptons

And a rising star is poisoned by the toxic Hillary Clinton.  Given Harris’ unabashed support for Clinton in the past, this is likely a willing poisoning.  Regardless, until Democrats and Progressives recognize that they will never have a healthy voice in American politics again until they clean up the DNC and fully insulate themselves from Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump is not your problem.  The people running your party are your problem and one of two things will happen unless Democrats and Progressives force a cleanup of the DNC:

  1. The Democrat party will be reduced to a full time minority party for a generation.
  2. Worse, the Democrats manage to get a NeoLiberal (the only kind of politician you’ll see the DNC nominate) into the White House and the country continues on the road it was on before, a steady path to destruction.

Clean up your own house first.  Then worry about the one in D.C.