It’s finally catching up with them…

Turns out even people that don’t like Trump don’t like being lied to.  CNN is not even able to hit one million viewers with any of their prime time shows.

Just How Badly Is CNN Collapsing? Look At These Stunning Numbers. – Daily Wire

That’s right, CNN was unable to hit 900,000 viewers in any of its primetime timeslots on Tuesday. The closest it got was 886,000 during the 7 p.m. hour, and it spent nearly half the evening under 800,000.

The comparisons between CNN’s viewership and that of Fox News and MSNBC are truly eye-opening. Fox News tripled CNN’s viewership in nearly all of the primetime slots. Fellow left-wing network MSNBC dominated CNN in all primetime hours as well, doubling its viewership by average for most of the evening.

And these numbers are not outliers; CNN has been increasingly coming in last to Fox and MSNBC and often struggles to reach the million-viewer mark during its primetime programming. As Daily Wire’s John Nolte puts it, the network is in a full-blown ratings “death spiral” prompted by its credibility crisis.

CNN is only the most obvious of the entities doing everything in their power to bring down this President, with the Washington Post/CIA News being a close second.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, watching a few hours of CNN as a captive audience in the St. Louis airport was a genuinely eye-opening experience.  Non-stop accusations with no proof that we eventually found out to be false.

I don’t want fawning coverage of Trump.  I don’t want to be told what I want to hear.  Trump fucking owes me for my vote and anyone else who I convinced to vote for him.   That’s how everyone should feel about any politician that they vote for.  Holding them accountable for what they owe us.  But what I can’t stand is being lied to.

Forget the bigger picture for a moment.  Forget that Trump is the first President in decades that isn’t a living, breathing puppet.  Forget that 70% of the people in Congress are owned by one man.  Forget that we have no true idea of who/what owns that man.  Forget that the most powerful intelligence agency (the NSA) has gone completely rogue.  Forget that we have a President fighting against all of this.  Forget all of it.  At a bare minimum, hate the fucking lies from the very people that are supposed to exist to keep us informed so that we can keep this Republic alive.